Car Accident Lawyer in Baywood Los Osos

rear end accident between two cars

The vibrant and growing community of Baywood-Los Osos has had to grapple with a rise in injury-causing car accidents. A single injury can require thousands in hospital bills, and the accident victim may have to suffer lost wages while they miss work.

Filing a car accident injury claim can help accident victims recover the money they lost. By filing against the insurance company representing the driver (or drivers) who hit them, they can obtain compensation for:

  • Medical bills, past and future
  • Out-of-pocket treatment costs
  • Future rehabilitation, therapy, and medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of domestic services
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle repairs

You have the legal right to file an injury claim with the help of a Baywood-Los Osos car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney from Ernst Law Group can assist you with filing all of the needed paperwork as well as building a strong claim backed by evidence.

Our car accident lawyers in Baywood-Los Osos understand what it takes to win cases, and our strategies have been proven to be effective both with insurance companies and trial juries.

Talk to a lawyer who can explain your legal options for free during a no-cost, no-obligation case review. Call us at (805) 586-0194 or contact us online to schedule your free appointment today.

Pay Nothing Unless You Recover Money for Your Injuries

Insurance companies want to make a profit. To do so, they’ll fight tooth and nail to reduce the value of your settlement — and sometimes deny your claim altogether.

Working with a lawyer can help you understand the strategies insurers use. Your attorney will build a strong case backed by evidence and legal precedent to convince insurers that your claim is worth paying. If the insurer does not offer you a fair injury settlement, we can take your case to court and argue in front of a jury on your behalf.

All of these services come at no up-front cost to you. You only pay for your attorney’s fees if we can win you back some of the damages you lost as a result of your accident. 

This arrangement not only allows you to gain an experienced legal representative at no risk, it also strongly motivates us to do everything we can to get you the maximum compensation available under the law.

History of Baywood-Los Osos

Baywood-Los Osos, known by the locals as Los Osos-Baywood Park, is an unincorporated community home to about 20,000 people. The area of San Luis Obispo County includes the communities of Los Osos, Baywood Park, Morro Bay, and Cuesta-by-the-Sea. “Los Osos” is Spanish for “The Bears,” which once inhabited the area.

In 1868, the Townsite of Sunshine Beach was founded by a two-part pond system. In 1889, Sunshine Beach was also founded. The area of Baywood Park was surveyed in the same year to be part of a railroad system to pass through Los Osos Valley. The lots in Los Osos were planned to be a “second San Francisco,” but a bridge needed for this plan was deemed too costly. As such, the development was abandoned by the turn of the century.

Now, all of these areas fall into the 7.6 square miles of Baywood-Los Osos. The town is considered a bedroom community for San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. It’s the entrance of the nearby Montaña de Oro State Park, and Morro Bay State Park is to the northeast. Thanks to the large number of eucalyptus trees in the area attract migrating monarch butterflies every year.

Notable people who are from Baywood-Los Osos include Gumby claymation animator Art Clokey and former NFL player Jerome Long.

The attorneys at Ernst Law Group consider Baywood-Los Osos an extension of our home in San Luis Obispo. We represent those in the community who have been injured by someone else’s actions, and we offer scholarships to students in need. In addition, we support a variety of different events and causes in the community.


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