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The Ernst Law Group is a Plaintiff Trial Lawyer firm. Don Ernst has been leading his team of attorneys for more than thirty five years. The following explain the different types of law, and why you may have a claim. Not all law firms are the same, especially Plaintiff trial firms, or more specifically, personal injury law firms. Your choice in representation directly affects the amount you will receive in compensation for how you have been harmed. We understand the difference your representation makes in the outcome of your case.

Many firms take a lot of cases, rendering them unable to provide the attention necessary to get the highest results for their clients. The Ernst Law Group is a Trial Firm. This means that we will take your case to trial to get you adequate compensation; we consistently get much more for our clients than many other firms. This takes time, a lot of financial resources, and requires the highest level of skill.

We are a Plaintiff Trial Firm

California Trial LawyersWe represent only consumers who have been harmed against insurance companies or corporations large or small. We never do defense work.  We never will.  The defense wants to minimize the amount of money given to our clients, even when they are entirely at fault.  We never will fight for the corporate bottom line.  We fight for the individual who is trying to put their life back together.  We specialize in serious personal injury.  We hire the best experts and pay all of the costs.  You pay nothing and no fee unless we win.  Why is this?  We are confident in our ability to prove your case.  Our firm has the expertise that you can count on.

When someone is taken from your life because of wrongdoing of a corporation, there is nothing you can do to get them back.  A corporation should have to account for the loss it made you suffer.  Corporations only respond to their bottom line: money.  Punish the corporation, and we are all taking steps to make sure the wrong doing is less likely to happen again, to anyone else.

We Represent Clients Across California

The Ernst Law Group has the resources to litigate anywhere in the State of California. If you have been seriously injured and want a free consultation, please give us a call.

Awards & Accolades


Past President Of The California Trial Lawyers (CAOC)

Don Ernst was President of the Trial Lawyers throughout all of California, known as the Consumer Attorneys of California, in 2008. He was the first President of the Trial Lawyers from San Luis Obispo County, one of the largest trial lawyer organizations in the nation. He was instrumental to helping the organization refocus in an election year, a feat that has not been forgotten by members of CAOC


California Trial Lawyer Of The Year Nominee

Don Ernst, Ray Mattison and Rob Gianelli were nominated to be California’s Trial Lawyers of the Year in 2011. This is an honor of the highest caliber. There are close to 250,000 attorneys in California, and Don Ernst was nominated alongside just seven other lawyers.


Central Coast Trial Lawyer Of The Year

Don Ernst has won Trial Lawyer of the Year in 1998, 2002 and 2008. We believe this is the highest number of awards won by a trial lawyer in the San Luis Obispo area. Each award represents a case where the client received above and beyond skill, that translated into a large verdict.