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California Brain Injury Resources

Brain injuries are complicated, and you deserve to know as much as possible concerning your diagnosis.

We’re here to provide information on treatment, recovery, and more. View our resources for more information.

Resources for life after traumatic brain injury


Video Library

Taylor Ernst, Explaining life after a TBI MORE >>


Support Group

A California support group for TBI victims. MORE >>

California Brain Injury

Taylor founded the California Brain Injury Support Group to help families and victims adjust to life after a traumatic brain injury and to help them connect with families that were doing the same thing.


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Taylor Ernst, Your Compassionate TBI Lawyer


Taylor Ernst is passionate about defending clients with traumatic brain injuries and helping them understand their life post accident. From the start of his career, he was surprised by the lack of knowledge being shared with TBI victims and their families concerning future lingering effect.

More about Taylor >>

Symptoms of a TBI

After a TBI, changes can occur in victims regarding cognitive function, behavior issue, and physical changes. It can be challenging watching your loved one change before your eyes, but know you are not alone in this journey.


Cognitive Changes

Short term memory loss, loss of communication skills, and comprehension skills


Physical Change

Weakness, fatigue, or exhaustion, seizures, and sleeping issues


behavioral changes

Emotional instability, lack of empathy, and sudden aggressive behaviors