San Luis Obispo Hit and Run Accident Attorney

san luis obispo hit and run accident attorney

In California, a victim of a hit-and-run accident resulting in injury may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit if the accident was a result of the negligent actions of another. If the accident resulted in a fatality, the deceased’s relatives may file a wrongful death lawsuit for compensation. The Ernst Law Group has extensive experience successfully winning large case settlements for injured persons who have been harmed in hit-and-run and other accidents.

Why do Drivers “Hit and Run?”

It is illegal for a driver to flee after striking another person. A driver who strikes another vehicle, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian must immediately stop and obtain aid. It is human and considerate to render assistance to an injured party. Why, then, do drivers hit and run? There are several common reasons:

      • Unlicensed driver – driver fears getting into more trouble for driving without a license

      • Uninsured driver – driving illegally without insurance

      • A person is without legal status to be in the country – and may fear arrest, deportation

      • The driver has a criminal background – the hit-and-run driver may fear being discovered and identified by authorities because of a criminal background or may have a pending criminal case that may be “on the lam.”

      • Fear – sometimes, a hit-and-run driver panics and flees due to fear

      • The driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol – either didn’t realize the accident occurred or is fearful of facing penalties

      • Driver unaware of accident – in some cases, the driver actually did not realize that another vehicle or pedestrian was struck

    Whether a hit-and-run driver was aware they struck another vehicle or pedestrian or not, they are still responsible for their negligent actions. Drivers are criminally liable as well and may face years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and loss of license. If you were struck by a vehicle that fled the scene of the accident, you may receive compensation for a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

    Ernst Law Group Helps Hit and Run Victims Obtain Compensation for Injuries or Death:

    A hit-and-run accident victim may file a lawsuit for compensation for damages, including:

        • Medical expenses for past, current, and future needs

        • Lost wages – past, present, and future

        • Pain and suffering

        • Property damage – vehicle repair or replacement

        • Other compensation; in some cases, punitive damages may apply

      Call Today For a Free Consultation, No Up-Front Fees to Hit and Run Victims

      Ernst Law Group is a plaintiff’s-rights law firm. They believe in helping the injured party. The hit-and-run driver needs to be held accountable for their actions. Damages will be calculated by consulting with medical experts, life planners, and accountants; we consult with the top experts in each field. We will seek compensation from the insurance company; if we are not satisfied with the amount offered, the case may proceed to trial in order to get a verdict. If the driver has assets that may be attached, that will also be pursued – all in an effort to make the victim as whole again as possible. There are no upfront fees in contingency cases; we earn our money when we win your case.

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