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Confidential Settlement: $119M Achieved


The lawsuit was filed after a Fortune 500 company consistently defrauded senior citizens with complicated financial instruments. After a litigation process of over five-years, Don’s goal to stick to “no forms, no coupons” was successful, and the seniors received over $89 million in benefits.


Wright vs. Union Oil: $63M Jury Verdict.


More than 8,600 senior citizens that had been the victims of deferred annuity sales fraud. After six years of litigation, the court found for the plaintiffs in phase one and awarded $15.4 million in damages to the class. The case thereafter resolved for more than $45 million.


Court-Ordered Award: $35M Post-Trifurcation and after phase I


Don Ernst and the Ernst Law Group attorneys represented a client who hit a truck that pulled across the freeway. The resulting accident caused severe brain damage, an injury that altered the entire course of the client’s life.


Don Ernst represented a young boy on a bicycle was hit by a car on a public street coming out the rear of a shopping center in Los Osos. The boy suffered major brain damage. After a six-week trial, the jury returned a gross damage award of $10.23 million.


Female employees of the Prison were being systematically harassed. Coworkers would place them in dangerous situations and threatened to not come to their aid if something went wrong. After seven-month trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the of the women: $6.4 million.


There was a mid air collision between two aircraft, which resulted in both planes crashing to the ground. The collision was between a commercial airliner and a small private plane. Don Ernst has been a licensed pilot since 1977, and brought his expertise to in the field to an impressive result.

TBI Case Average: $4.7M in Last 18 Months
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we have recovered more than $300 million for our clients.

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