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When you or someone you love suffers an injury in California, the physical, emotional, and financial worries can be overwhelming. During this trying time, you need help from a professional legal advocate with experience. Ernst Law Group is the premier trial law firm on the Central Coast. Our firm has the resources to take a case to trial and lawyers with experience winning cases against the biggest corporation and insurance companies in the business. We are fighters who only represent the injured, never insurance companies.

We also do not charge legal fees or costs until we win your case. Give us a call now at 805-678-0272 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. we’ll explain how we can help and answers key questions, including:

  • Do I need a trial lawyer in California?
  • Can I get compensated for a personal injury?
  • How can a trial lawyer help?

Do I Need an Attorney After an Injury?

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How We Fight for You

Ernst Law Group is deeply involved in our state and local communities. By working on legislation and conducting thorough investigations, we make sure local citizens get the justice they deserve.

Involved with Local Legislation

Local and state legislation directly influences the San Luis Obispo community and the state of California. That’s why we are involved in making sure the people,not the corporations, are fairly represented in the lawmaking process.


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Conducting Thorough Investigations

Ernst Law Group has an extensive network of paralegals, attorneys, doctors, experts, investigators and other legal professionals who will dive deep into your case. This includes gathering documents, doing legal research, bringing a lawsuit or even pushing legislation to fix the problem.


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How Can Ernst Law Group Help?

Ernst Law Group custom tailors our representation to you. Our San Luis Obispo personal injury attorneys have been named Super Lawyers and Top Trial Attorneys by numerous organizations including the highest possible rating for ethics and skill. We have developed our negotiation and litigation expertise by successfully taking on the tough cases and fighting against the biggest corporations and insurance companies. We will put our decades of collective expertise to work when representing you in court if you’ve been harmed or a loved one lost his life due to negligence.


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