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Taylor Ernst grew up going to trial lawyer conventions and classes. Attending trial lawyer continuing legal education courses (CLEs) when he was barely able to walk, he grew up learning how to speak to a jury. A student of trials and focus groups, Taylor is always seeking new ways to present a case. With multiple trials even as a young associate, he has already secured multiple seven-figure results in both verdicts and settlements.


Taylor Ernst was recently named to the United States Top 40 Under 40 trial lawyers, in addition to being a board member of CAOC. Taylor has been a regular speaker to lawyers and medical professionals. One of his more recent lectures was attended by more than 1,800 attorneys and doctors, and was syndicated in multiple states across the US, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

With more than 20 seven figure case results, several eight figure results, and with more than 15 of them with Taylor as lead counsel, Taylor swiftly has followed the tradition of the Ernst Law Group.

In the last 12 months, Taylor was lead counsel achieving a 4.45-million-dollar arbitration award and 1.7-million-dollar jury verdict during Covid-19, with the closing argument given to a socially distanced jury.

“We fight for the individual who is trying to put their life back together. We are confident in our ability to prove your case. Our firm has the expertise that you can count on.”

Taylor Ernst

Taylor sits on the editorial board of Trial Guides. Trial Guides is a legal publishing company that helps trial lawyers win cases by publishing cutting edge strategies from the nation’s leading trial lawyers. Some of these books are well known, and include authors and books include: Moe LeVine, Gerry Spence, David Balls’ The Reptile, Rules of the Road, and Nick Rowley’s Trial by Human.

When Taylor is not preparing for his next trial, he enjoys spending time with his wife Ashley, studying Mandarin Chinese, and sharpening his piloting skills.


UC Santa Barbara
2008 – (B.A. History and Public Policy)

University of San Diego School of Law
2011 – (J.D.)

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Car Accident

Don Ernst and the Ernst Law Group attorneys represented a client who hit a truck that pulled across the freeway.




Elder Abuse

More than 8,600 senior citizens that had been the victims of deferred annuity sales fraud.




Bicycle Accident

Don Ernst represented a young boy on a bicycle was hit by a car on a public street coming out the rear of a shopping center in Los Osos.


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we have recovered more than $300 million for our clients.