Taylor Ernst is recognized throughout the state as a brain injury trial specialist. With the recent award of the 2020 CCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year for a brain injury verdict, Taylor has made it his mission to teach how he approaches brain injury cases to other lawyers.

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“Turning adversity into advocacy, we give voice to the voiceless, ensuring every story is heard and every injury met with justice.”

When defense teams encounter Taylor Ernst, they face more than a attorney – they confront an unparalleled authority on traumatic brain injury litigation. His monumental $63 million verdict against Chevron is but one highlight in a series of meticulous and decisive victories.

Taylor’s advocacy goes beyond traditional litigation. Having taught brain injury with over 12,000 professionals, he’s amassed an unparalleled depth in the realm of TBIs. His office, akin to a medical research hub, symbolizes his commitment to mastering the subject.

The underpinnings of his strategy can be glimpsed in ‘The Manhattan Project’. While specifics remain closely guarded, its goal is clear: to redefine the very essence of trial strategy through confrontation, particularly when standing against corporate behemoths.

What distinguishes Taylor is not just his string of victories, but the strategic depth and innovation behind each. His approach, blending rigorous knowledge with vision, marks a profound shift in the litigation landscape. Defense firms know him not just for his wins, but for the unparalleled method through which he achieves them. With Taylor Ernst in the courtroom, litigation is not business as usual; it’s a masterclass in the relentless pursuit of justice.

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TBI Lectures

TBI Titan – 5.65 Million Verdict from Zero Offer

TBI Titan Tactics – The Setup

TBI Titan Tactics – The Execution

Masters In Trial: Opening Statement

Masters In Trial: Closing Argument

Masters In Trial: Cross Examination

TBI Titan: Brain Injury Frameworks

Craniofacial Injuries

Millennial Jurors – Excellent Jurors

TBI – Dysfluency: Stuttering

Justice Team Podcast: TBI Cases

Spotting the Big Case

Break The Expert Gridlock

TBI And Product Liability

Small TBI cases into Seven Figures

Demystifying TBI


Full TBI lecture list available upon request

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