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los angeles amputation lawyerTragic accidents can result in the loss of a limb. You may lose a hand, arm, foot, or leg due to a tired driver, defective product, workplace accident, dangerous machine, or medical malpractice.

If you were injured by one of these accidents, you may be entitled to financial compensation. By filing a personal injury claim for your amputation injury, you can collect damages for medical bills, inability to work, and reduced quality of your life.

Losing a part of yourself is physically and emotionally traumatic. Your body will need significant help to heal and adjust to your new way of life. Those adjustments come at a cost; a cost you shouldn’t have to pay if a third party caused your injury.

Work with an experienced Los Angeles amputation lawyer to get your life back. Our team at Ernst Law will protect your rights and work for the most favorable outcome so you can focus on your recovery. Gain the strength you need to overcome your loss by letting us take over the hard work of handling your amputation lawsuit.

What is an amputation injury?

Johns Hopkins defines an amputation as “the loss or removal of a body part such as a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm or leg.”

In some cases, amputations can be surgically necessary to treat a disease, such as cancer. If there is inadequate blood flow to an area, a part of or the whole limb may need to be removed to save the patient’s life.

However, many Americans suffer traumatic amputations every year due to negligent third-party actions. A traumatic amputation occurs as a result of an accident or injury, such as a car accident. About 45% of amputations are the result of these types of injuries.

Victims of traumatic amputation injuries are eligible to recover damages to cover the costs of healing physically and emotionally after their trauma. These traumatic amputees will require immediate and ongoing medical care. They will likely be unable to work for an extended period if they can continue in their current career path at all. They will be dealing with emotional turmoil while trying to recover physically.

In the meantime, medical bills will quickly be eroding their finances.

You don’t need the added stress of handling a lawsuit when you’re already burdened with so much. Let us ease your burden by putting our best Los Angeles personal injury lawyer on your case.

At Ernst Law, we take care of all of the aspects of your case and don’t accept compensation until we’ve won your claim for damages.

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Choose a law firm with a proven record of success winning Los Angeles amputation cases, like Ernst Law. Our team gets results for our clients because we dedicate ourselves fully to every case.

Our results show that we don’t back down in the face of greedy insurance companies or lengthy trials. We never accept settlement offers that don’t benefit our client just to save time. We prove time and time again that we get our clients maximum compensation by preparing the strongest case possible for every client.

How do we get our clients such great results? Our skilled team of amputation lawyers is constantly expanding their knowledge, working with experts to prove damages, and learning every aspect of their cases. We don’t let our lawyers take on more cases, even though it could earn our firm more money because we want to ensure they have the time to drill down into every case.

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Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

It is estimated that one of every 200 Americans has some form of amputation. Many of us know one or more people who have an amputated limb.

At least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur annually due to injury. These traumatic amputations can be the result of any type of accident. However, the most common causes of amputation injuries are:

Car Accidents

There are several reasons why a limb may be amputated due to a car accident injury. Natural amputations occur when the limb is severed during the crash and cannot be reattached.

If a limb is crushed under metal or between items, it may need to be amputated. The limb could be hemorrhaging blood, could have severe damage that cannot be repaired, or could succumb to infection as a result of the crushing. When a limb puts the body at risk, it needs to be removed to give the patient the best chance of survival.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents cause statistically more severe injuries than car accidents. Semi trucks have heavier loads and can be carrying hazardous materials that make an accident more deadly to small passenger vehicles.

If a victim collides with a truck, they are at a higher risk of losing a limb than in a car accident. Trucks have more power to crush small vehicles. They can knock a car off balance, forcing a rollover accident where an individual is thrown around inside the vehicle as it moves.

These traumatic accidents can lead to a natural or traumatic amputation due to the victim’s injuries.

Construction Site Accidents

Amputations may occur on construction sites and in factories. When heavy machinery and power tools are in use, individuals must be alert. However, long hours and routine make people careless. If a worker isn’t careful, they could sustain a serious injury or cause another individual to become injured.

Ernst Law has represented individuals who required amputation due to their limbs being crushed in machinery, workplace accidents with power tools, falling and damaging their limb beyond repair, or having a limb crushed by a falling object.

Workers may take every precaution, but if a work site isn’t safe, they could be at risk of a workplace injury that leads to an amputation. If you have been injured by an unsafe work environment that caused you to lose a limb, contact Ernst Law today for assistance recovering damages.

Severe Burns

We have all suffered minor burns. These are easy to treat and heal in time. However, third and fourth-degree burns are far more difficult to treat. These burns damage the tissue beneath the epidermis, and can even affect the muscle and bone underneath.

If a serious burn damages the tissue extensively or brings on infection, amputation may be required to save the injured person. A surgical amputation can remove the damaged or infected limb to allow the injured person to heal.

Defective Products

When products don’t work as advertised, there can be disastrous consequences. Toys, machinery, and other items can pose serious health hazards when they do not operate properly. For example, a table saw that is faulty can jam and cut off a user’s finger. A toy with sharp edges could cut off a toe if dropped.

Medical Malpractice

Even doctors can be negligent. Medical malpractice can result in amputation for traumatic reasons when surgery is done on the wrong part of the body, illnesses are not adequately diagnosed, infection is not properly treated, or the doctor is negligent in caring for a patient’s injury.

If you have suffered an amputation in Los Angeles due to medical malpractice, you need the help of an experienced amputation lawyer to recover damages. Hospitals will do all they can to put you down, but Ernst Law can help you gain maximum compensation.

The Side Effects of an Amputation

Every situation is different. No two amputations victims will experience the exact same effects.

However, amputations are universally devastating experiences, especially if a victim is not mentally prepared to lose their limb. When accidents occur, most victims do not have time to come to terms with the severity of their loss. Not only do they suffer significant emotional trauma due to the surgery, but they are also likely to experience mental trauma that can be longer-lasting.

The primary factor is what limb is being amputated and how much of the limb is being removed. Smaller amputations, such as toes, can be easier to overcome.

Effects also depend on the condition of the remaining limb. Is it able to sustain a prosthetic? Is there significant scarring or pain? Is the tissue viable to create a clean stump?

The person themselves has an impact on the type of effects experienced after an amputation. Younger bodies are more resilient and can adapt to the loss more easily. Healthier victims will be able to bear the physical burden better than someone who was previously unhealthy. Those with a strong support system and safe domestic environment will be able to overcome the emotional hurdles more efficiently.

Depending on these factors and more, the physical and emotional effects will impact victims of amputation differently.

Mobility and Dexterity

The main physical effect of losing a lower limb, such as a leg or a foot, is a reduction in mobility. The individual will be unable to walk as they previously did.

With the help of sufficient care and rehabilitation that a Los Angeles amputation lawyer can help you secure, the injured party can regain mobility with a prosthetic limb.

Loss of a lower or upper limb will affect an individual’s balance. After years of moving with certain weight distribution across their body, the loss will likely lead to falls.

These challenges of mobility and balance can make it difficult to pursue basic tasks.

Phantom Limb Pain

Amputees may feel pain in the remaining stump due to damaged groups of nerves. This can be repaired.

Phantom limb pain is a condition that 80% of amputees suffer, where they feel their “missing limb” is suffering traumatic pain. It is a very real pain, but the area where it is targeted does not exist.

Medical Complications

Amputees may suffer infection at the scarring on their stump, muscle contractures when the muscles at the stump contract unevenly, and deep vein thrombosis where blood clots in a potentially fatal way.


The additional effort required to complete what were once basic tasks is physically exhausting.

Mental Illness

Victims who lost their limbs in a traumatic situation are prone to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can experience flashbacks, nightmares, changed behaviors, anger, and insomnia. This is one of the reasons that traumatic amputations are so much more debilitating than scheduled surgical ones in Los Angeles.

Depression is a common emotional effect for an amputee. They suffer the loss of their limb, are fatigued by the chronic pain, and can fall into a dark place. With the help of mental health professionals amputees can navigate their mental illness and properly grieve the loss of their limb so they can move on with their life.

Call a Los Angeles amputation lawyer today for assistance in developing a case that will enable you to get the treatment you require.

Body Image Issues

We are all aware of our bodies. After a haircut, we notice that change and assume everyone else can, too. The same occurs when an amputee loses a limb.

They will be self-conscious that others are noticing the loss of limb and staring. Since they see themselves as having four limbs, the change stands out so much to them that they may try to hide the lost limb either consciously or unconsciously.

Social Impact

Amputees are prone to drawing away from society after they lose their limbs. Many cannot continue to do the activities they once loved due to their restricted movement. Those that can are deterred by the pain they’re experiencing.

The isolation that amputees put themselves in can affect their personal relationships. They will distance themselves from those trying to help them, even to their own detriment.

What can I expect from an amputation lawsuit settlement?

If you have a valid claim for an amputation lawsuit in Los Angeles, you can expect to recover damages for your injuries. Damages are represented by a financial settlement that is awarded by the negligent party’s insurance company.

Ernst Law Group has obtained millions of dollars for our clients who have suffered amputation injuries. We don’t back down when facing large insurance firms and prepare every case for trial. Our dedicated team uses their skills to gain you the maximum compensation so you can recover financially as well as emotionally after your trauma.

We have ensured that our clients don’t pay out of pocket for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and prosthetics that they require as a result of their amputation injury. Both past and future surgeries are covered so our client doesn’t have to consider their financial solvency while healing.

Ernst Law Group knows that current bills aren’t the only losses you will face. You may suffer lost wages at work while you take the time to heal, mental suffering, and a loss of employability. That is why we work with each client to determine their needs up front. Our experienced Los Angeles amputation lawyers will go over every aspect of your injury to ensure you don’t miss out on any damages that you deserve.

Call (805) 321-1967 today to schedule a free consultation.

What damages can I collect from an amputation injury?

Losing a limb drastically changes your way of life. You will need to relearn how to perform basic tasks that most people take for granted. Individuals who lose a leg will need to relearn how to walk, stand, and drive. Those who lose a hand or arm will need to learn how to brush their teeth, pick up objects, and cook for themselves.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs are designed to assist individuals who have lost a limb learn how to live their new lives. Some amputees may be eligible for prosthetics. The type of prosthetic you can get and its capabilities will largely be determined by your budget. If you lost your limb in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be limited by your own financial means.

Beyond medical costs, you will need to consider mental wellness, your ability to continue in your career, and what equipment you’ll need around the house to function. These are all financial and emotional losses that you don’t have to bear on your own.

With the help of an excellent Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, you can have the financial freedom to get the treatment you need to live your life as fully as possible. Call Ernst Law Group today for a free consultation to determine what treatment you can afford by filing a claim for damages.

Adjustment and Rehabilitation After Amputation

Amputees who have lost a lower limb will have severe mobility restrictions that can make it challenging to walk. This can impact their ability to participate in activities and could lead to withdrawal.

Amputees who have lost an upper limb will struggle with basic tasks, such as dining out at restaurants if they have lost their dominant hand.

This is why rehabilitation is vital for amputees. They need to receive continued care after their amputation surgery that focuses on mental and physical rehabilitation to grow their strength and help them gain the confidence to adjust to their new normal.

Rehabilitation can include post-surgical treatment, prosthetic prescriptions, prosthetic training, physiotherapy, group therapy, community integration, and vocational rehabilitation.

Workers’ Compensation and Amputation Injuries

If an amputee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation will cover their medical treatment costs. This includes the cost of the surgeries and any rehabilitation they require to regain their strength and mobility after the accident.

In addition, workers’ compensation will repay lost wages and offer permanent partial disability. This disability assessment will determine how much compensation the amputee receives and can affect the amount that they receive from workers’ compensation.

Unfortunately, these benefits are not always willingly given to those who deserve them. Call a Los Angeles amputation lawyer for assistance today.

Types of Amputation Injuries

Traumatic Amputation

Traumatic amputations occur suddenly due to an unexpected accident, such as a car accident or machinery malfunction. These types of amputations are extremely dangerous both at the time of the accident and due to the potential for long-term negative effects.

Victims of traumatic amputations will suffer more than surgical amputees, as they have not had the time to process their loss before it occurs. In many cases, their loss is tied to a traumatic moment that can give them lifelong PTSD.

Surgical Amputation

Surgical amputations are scheduled surgeries to remove a limb. These occur as a method of treatment to save the patient when a limb is necrotic, cancerous, or otherwise unviable.

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