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The Ernst Law Group stands up against corporations on behalf of our clients. Our clients are individuals who have been wronged, and just want a fair outcome. Without an attorney, corporations do not see individuals as a threat. They marginalize the individual, because the corporation has no incentive to listen. Corporations only care when their “bottom line” is at stake. Therefore, corporations will not deal with an individual fairly. At the Ernst Law Group, we make sure that the individual gets their voice heard fairly, in a court of their peers. We enjoy making a difference, and making corporations realize the value of an individual is not just a number on a corporate balance sheet.

Multiple types of law fall under Anti-Corporate law.  An examples is as follows:  New cars are built all the time with defects in them.  Most of the time these defects are relatively harmless.  But sometimes, these are serious defects that will cause brakes to fail, a tire to fall off, or an airbag to fail.  These types defects will kill people.  However, the corporation building these cars is worried about their bottom line.

So when they are deciding whether or not to initiate a recall, they look at the numbers. What is less expensive? A recall? Or the lawsuits if they do not do a recall? If the lawsuits are less expensive than a recall, they will not recall their cars.

We cannot let this happen. We need to make it expensive enough that the corporations pay attention, and our community is protected. This is Anti-Corporate law.

Some of the companies we have triumphed over are names you would recognize. We have had victories against: Honda, Chrysler, Chevron, Blue Cross, State Farm and numerous other Fortune 100 companies. These victories have led to the corporate defendants to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars.

Types of Anti-Corporate Law include:

  • Fraud
  • Medical Insurance Fraud
  • Annuity Fraud
  • Elder Fraud
  • Certain Personal Injury Cases

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