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san luis obispo hightway accident lawyers

Accidents that occur on highways often result in severe injuries or death because vehicles are traveling at faster rates of speed than in local and suburban areas. Because semi-tractors, large trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and passenger cars all share the same congested highways, there is always the possibility of an accident. The Ernst Law Group, with offices in San Luis Obispo, represents highway accident victims who have been injured as a result of the negligent conduct of others. Negligence can result from:

      • Other drivers’ actions or failure to act

      • Vehicle mechanical failure

      • Poorly maintained highways

      • Lack of signage and warning information

    Highway Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

    The negligent actions of drivers cause many highway accidents. Sadly, many licensed drivers lack the skill and ability to drive safely. Their negligent actions result in severe injury, death, and property destruction. One common cause of highway accidents includes stopping the vehicle on the highway. A vehicle should never be stopped on a highway in moving traffic for any reason. One of the reasons that drivers stop is because an exit is missed, and the driver attempts to stop the car and make a U-turn. Another cause of highway accidents is driving in reverse. This is even more dangerous than stopping a vehicle on the highway because a vehicle that goes in reverse gains momentum. Cars that drive in reverse are struck in the rear by forward-moving cars. The result is similar to a head-on collision from the rear, often with deadly results. Switching lanes without caution often results in highway accidents. Drivers switch lanes without looking in their mirrors to make sure the lane is clear.

    Common Causes of Driver Misconduct

        • Not using a turn or hand signal – Electronic and hand signals give other drivers the opportunity to prepare for a driver’s lane change or ramp entrance or exit. The lack of a signal increases the likelihood of an accident.

        • Driver distraction – Driver distraction causes accidents because the vehicle operator is not paying full attention to the task at hand – driving the vehicle. Distracted driving includes fidgeting with the radio, turning around to see if the baby is ok in the car seat, talking with other passengers, texting, cellphone talking, grooming, eating, and drinking.

        • Driver fatigue – Driving with less than full attention and awareness causes accidents.

        • Driving while impaired – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most egregious forms of misconduct that often results in severe injury and death.

      San Luis Obispo Plaintiff’s Rights Law Firm Has The Resources to Win Your Case

      The Ernst Law Group is a plaintiff’s rights law firm. The attorneys at Ernst take a personal interest in their client’s cases. They understand how an accident can completely shatter the lives and futures of innocent drivers and passengers. If you were injured in a highway accident, your Ernst attorney will seek to obtain the compensation that you deserve. The Ernst Law Group has the resources to engage the services of experts such as accident reconstruction experts and engineers to properly investigate your accident in an effort to identify the specific causes of negligence and the negligent parties that contributed to your injuries.

      The Ernst Law Group Offers Complimentary Case Consultations

      Additionally, Ernst Law Group will utilize the skills of medical experts, life planners and accountants in order to arrive at an accurate compensation amount. A lawsuit will be filed; if the responsible parties do not offer a fair settlement, your highway accident lawyer will take the case to trial for a jury verdict and award. There are no up-front fees for your personal injury or wrongful death claim case; our fee is derived from a percentage of the final recovery amount.

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