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Verde is a quiet place that has still seen some fairly scary accidents. People who live in Verde near San Luis Obispo deserve to know about their legal rights after they have been hurt in a car accident. They can potentially file a car accident injury claim with the insurance provider of the driver responsible for their accident.

Hiring a Verde, CA car accident lawyer means you will get information about all of the legal strategies you could be using. Your lawyer will help you seek as much money as possible for your injury claim. They will gather evidence, file all the needed paperwork, and research past cases similar to yours that came out in favor of the injury victim.

Medical bills and other costs can pile up quickly after you have been hurt in a wreck. Start your claim now to try and get back all of that money you had to pay for no fault of your own.

Call (805) 586-0194 to reach Ernst Law Group, or contact us online, and you can schedule a free case review with an experienced lawyer in your area. 

There’s no charge for the appointment and no obligation to work with us afterwards. If you do decide to work with us, you won’t pay for any of our services unless we can recover some money for you.

How Filing a Car Accident Insurance Claim Works

When you file your car accident injury claim, you have to provide documentation of all your costs and prove that they were connected to your car accident. You also have to prove that the driver the insurance company represents was at fault for your accident.

Once you file your claim, you can wait until your medical condition is fully known and you have received emergency treatments before listing your total costs. Otherwise, you may file your claim too early, and you may have other unexpected costs after you’ve already listed your total settlement demand.

The insurance company will either make you a settlement offer, request more information, or deny your claim. You have to be careful when signing a settlement because it prevents you from asking for more money later. If your claim is denied or your settlement is too low, you can appeal.

When no settlement agreement can be reached, you have the right to sue the insurance company to demand they pay all of your damages.

Having a lawyer during this process can be very beneficial. They fill out all the paperwork and negotiate with insurers for you.

At Ernst Law Group, we are used to dealing with insurance companies, and we will use the strategies we have learned to help you seek the successful outcomes we’ve obtained for past clients.

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How Can Ernst Law Group Help?

Ernst Law Group custom tailors our representation to you. Our San Luis Obispo personal injury attorneys have been named Super Lawyers and Top Trial Attorneys by numerous organizations including the highest possible rating for ethics and skill. We have developed our negotiation and litigation expertise by successfully taking on the tough cases and fighting against the biggest corporations and insurance companies. We will put our decades of collective expertise to work when representing you in court if you’ve been harmed or a loved one lost his life due to negligence.


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