How Do You Prevent Accidents On A Construction Site?

Think about safety

Thinking about safety is one of the best ways to prevent and reduce construction site accidents.

repair in progress sign near an lift, warning sign, How Do You Prevent Accidents In A Construction Site?

A majority of construction site accidents are caused by moving materials. Beams falling, chains breaking, sudden movements of machinery, failures of backup safety systems, and most importantly, human error.

Thinking about how things may go wrong before they go wrong is the best method to avoid an injury on a construction site. Anytime something can move on a construction site, it is your job to consider how it may move and cause you harm. Then, do your best to stay out of the way.

Stay up to date on construction methods.

On a construction site, your job often will put you in places where you are in harm’s way if something goes wrong. You want to make sure you have the newest techniques, training, and operating manuals for the machinery that is being operated. Often, even doing internet searches can turn up operating manuals for machines that can show you the newest and safest techniques.

Talk to someone above you.

Overseers, general contractors, and other superiors do NOT want someone hurt on their jobsite. It makes it harder for them to get additional contracts, can make their insurance go up, can make them have to pay more in workers’ compensation, and harms their reputation. Use this information to your advantage.

Statements you can use to a manager or boss on a construction site to reduce accidents

  • Example: I am concerned about these chains breaking; if something happens, it may make it harder to get our next contract.
  • Example: I noticed that Mr. Smith is not using the latest method for operating that pile driver. We should make sure he is using the latest technique that I saw on YouTube the other day. We want to make sure we have a reputation for knowing what we are doing.

These statements are simple and generally effective if you frame your safety concerns as things that would be helpful for the company.

Wear Safety Gear.

Wearing safety gear is important to make sure that if something happens, you will be as protected as possible. Wear closed-toe shoes, a hard hat, gloves, and any other protected items that are required in your industry.

Company culture

Every construction company develops a different type of culture. Some construction companies are much more interested in safety, while others are more interested in getting the job done.

Becoming aware of how safety can work alongside getting the job done can help shift company culture to pay better attention to risk factors. Safety should always be considered on a construction site.


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