Best Experts For TBI Sufferers

Best Experts For TBI Sufferers


I wanted to do another video on if you’re going to be filing a lawsuit related to a brain injury case, there’s something that you need to go through with your lawyer before you file the case, and how much are they going to help get you medical treatment that you need? There’s lawyers that’ll say, “Hey, I want you to go see this doctor. I want you to go see that doctor.” That’s all fine and good. But when there’s a traumatic brain injury case, there are numerous experts that are often needed. The neuropsychologist, neurologist, functional vocational rehabilitationist, a speech and language pathologist, cognitive therapist, a neuro-ophthalmologist. If the lawyer doesn’t talk about some of these experts that may be needed, sometimes they aren’t a specialist in the areas of brain injury law, and that hurts the value of your case, and it also more importantly than hurt the value of your case, you’re not getting the treatment you need to really know how to get better.

A lot of brain injuries dealing with the brain, there’s brain plasticity. You can heal over time with the right treatment. You need to get the right treatment, and the lawyer generally is the one that knows the best doctors that you can get to to get that type of treatment. And if they aren’t familiar with certain areas of doctors that I just named, they are not a lawyer that does enough brain injury cases to know how to get you the right treatment. So you need to stick up for yourself and talk to, “Hey, these are the type of experts or these are the type of people I need in my case.” Talk to your lawyer about that before the case is filed. Once the case is filed, you can still get these experts, but it’s more complicated. You need to, before you sign up with a lawyer, talk to them about the experts that they’re going to get to work up your case to make sure you’re taken care of.