Finding the Right Safety Goggles for Work

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Your job requires you to wear safety glasses. You know that much. That said, you aren’t quite sure how to choose the right pair. There are several options, and if your company isn’t providing their own preferred brand and type for you, it leaves you shopping for your own gear.
If you are shopping for safety goggles, there are three things to look for before you ever begin to worry about style:

1. ANSI Z87.1 Certification

It’s a lot of letters and numbers that mean this: The glasses will protect your eyes from impact, liquid splash exposure and non-ionizing radiation. It’s a workplace standard, so it should be easy to find if you are looking at safety goggles made specifically for the worksite.

2. Know Your Hazards

Safety eyewear is designed to protect the eyes against specific types of hazards, which means you need to know what you could potentially be exposed to. Know what you need to protect your eyes from and then look for glasses that offer that type of protection.

3. Activity

Lastly, you need to understand what types of activities you will be undertaking. For example, if you are going to be welding, you will need much different eyewear than a person working a crane. Determine the activities you will be asked to perform on the job and choose a pair of glasses that is designed for your needs.
Once you have gotten the basics down, you can look at your options. A pair of safety goggles won’t do you any good sitting on the passenger seat of your vehicle, and that is exactly where they will be if they aren’t comfortable. Look for these features in your glasses.

  • Coating: There are different types of coatings available for lenses, making them last longer. You may want anti-fog coating or anti-scratch coating, depending on what you do at work.
  • Tints: If you are going to be working indoors, clear glasses are probably your best option. If you are working in moderate light outdoors, perhaps you want a gray tint. If you will be looking at the sun all day, a darker tint will keep your eyes comfortable.
  • Reading: Many people don’t know that you can get safety goggles in prescription form. If you need readers (or cheaters) while you are working, consider getting prescription lenses. Of course, if you wear eyeglasses to see no matter what you are doing, having prescription safety goggles is a necessity if you don’t have contacts.
  • Fit and Fashion: Let’s face it. You aren’t going to wear your safety glasses if they aren’t fashionable and comfortable. Today’s safety eyewear comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and fit. Find a pair you like.

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