Can a brain injury heal?

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst of the Ernst Law Group. Can a brain injury heal? I get asked that often by the families of brain injured clients who I have, and what I tell them is this. Every brain injury is a little bit different and no two brain injuries are exactly the same. Because of […]

Brain injury personality changes- acting like a child

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst with the Ernst Law Group. Brain injuries will sometimes cause people to act different than they are. We’ve actually had situations where someone who’s suffered a brain injury, ends up acting like a child. Their personality changes so much, their inhibitions change, some of their impulses change, some of the way […]

Will brain damage show up on an mri?

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst at the Ernst Law Group. Will brain damage show up on an MRI? It’s a question we get asked often by our clients who’ve suffered brain injuries. And the answer is if it’s moderate or severe, most of the time it will show up on an MRI. If it’s a mild […]

Tips You Can Use to Make Your Daily Life With a TBI Better

Transcript: So being lawyers that specialize in TBI, we often are asked a question that really bothers me, that doctors don’t address more is, what do I do? I’ve got a traumatic brain injury. What now? How do I deal with my daily life? What are the tips I can use to integrate back into […]

Brain injury rehabilitation- No Zero Days

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst of the Ernst Law Group. What are zero days? Zero days are where you get absolutely nothing done to help your brain injury recovery. There’s zero days that’s discussed in a lot of different literature, but when I talk about it with my clients, it is you must do something every […]

How do I deal with headaches after a tbi?

Transcript: One of the questions we often get is, “How do I make my headaches go away or improve them that go along with the traumatic brain injury?” Chronic headaches is a classic symptom of a traumatic brain injury, and it’s something you really need to pay attention to. Because there’s a lot of improvement […]

Number 1 time waster for caretakers of tbi victims

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst at the Ernst Law Group, and I wanted to answer a question that was privately given to us from our Facebook group. it was, “What is the number one time waster that caretakers of TBI victims have to deal with?” Really what it is, is conversations that happen again and again, […]

How To Financially Help TBI Victims

Transcript: A question we often get is financially, how do we deal with someone into my family, a loved one, or even myself having a traumatic brain injury. Financially, how do I grasp with all this? Post-acute brain injury rehabilitation is extremely expensive. Cognitive therapy is expensive. The medical bills either at the ER or […]

What Are Some Credibility Issues TBI Victims Will Face After a Brain Injury?

Transcript: I’m Taylor Ernst at the Ernst Law Group. The question we got from our Facebook group that I wanted to answer directly was, what issues with credibility do victims of TBIs often suffer? And I want to address this because I’ve personally seen what it does to my clients that have this happen to […]

TBI Victims: Dealing with Anxiety, Anger and Depression

Transcript: When someone suffers from a traumatic brain injury, there’s three things they often really go through often. They’re anger, anxiety, and depression. And there’s a whole lot of reasons those end up being some of the stuff that traumatic brain injury victims go through, but I wanted to give you quick, straight to the […]