Brain injury rehabilitation- No Zero Days

Brain injury rehabilitation- No Zero Days


I’m Taylor Ernst of the Ernst Law Group. What are zero days? Zero days are where you get absolutely nothing done to help your brain injury recovery. There’s zero days that’s discussed in a lot of different literature, but when I talk about it with my clients, it is you must do something every single day, however small, that helps with your brain injury recovery. And just like that, all brain injuries are a little bit different, some person’s version of a zero day can be wildly different than another person’s version of the zero day.

When I talk about zero days, I mean, you want to never be going to sleep at night where you feel like you’ve done absolutely nothing to help you with your recovery. Sometimes it can be as simple as look up that doctor’s phone number that you’ve been thinking about calling, or figure out a symptom specifically that you want to try and address and figure out what would be the next thing you could try to help alleviate that symptom. A lot of the times, it’s the chronic headaches. What have you done recently to try to deal with your chronic headaches? Have you tried neck stretches? Have you tried Biofreeze? Have you tried TENS units?

Each one of those things, just that decision, can be invalidating it’s a zero day. It’s no longer a zero day if you say, “Hey, I’m going to try this next to help with my recovery.” So the goal that I always bring this concept up is, figure out what you can do today to avoid it being a zero day.