If you have been injured in an accident there are several ways that you can obtain medical care. Your own insurance policy probably contains as “Medical Payments” provision. This means that your insurance company will pay for your medical treatment regardless of fault, up to the limit you purchased. If you have your own health insurance policy you can also obtain medical services as provided by your policy. If you qualify, Medicare and Medi-Cal also provide coverage for accident injury treatment under certain circumstances.You should also know that in California a hospital can not deny emergency medical care based on lack of insurance or inability to pay. As a last resort if you have no medical insurance available to you we can often obtain care for you on a “lien” basis. This means that we enter into an agreement with a health care provider whereby they will treat you in exchange for your promise to pay them from the proceeds of your lawsuit.You should be aware that if you recover damages from the responsible party and you have obtained medical care for your injuries through public or private insurance you may have an obligation to repay your insurance company, or the government, to the extent of the benefits they paid for you. It is very important to work with your lawyer so that all efforts can be taken to minimize or even eliminate your repayment obligation.We have extensive experience dealing with medical insurance issues and welcome your call to discuss your situation.