Yes, a stroke is a kind of traumatic brain injury that results from a sudden interruption of blood flow and oxygen to a particular part of the brain or from a blood vessel leaking or rupturing, resulting in bleeding in the brain. A California brain injury lawyer will work to determine if another person’s negligence caused your stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

is a stroke a traumatic brain injury

Is there more than one type of stroke that can result from an accident?

A vessel rupturing, allowing blood to pool in the brain, can lead to a hemorrhagic stroke. This type of stroke can also result from a head injury after a car crash, slip-and-fall accident, or assault. Treatment for hemorrhagic strokes may require surgery, medications to reduce the pressure, and blood transfusions to support blood clotting to stop the bleeding. Reducing intracranial pressure is the goal to prevent life-threatening results.

Can a motor vehicle accident lead to a stroke?

Studies reveal that suffering a form of trauma that results in injuries, particularly to the head or neck, can lead to stroke. Ischemic stroke can occur, resulting from the blood supply being blocked or minimized to part of the brain. The risk for this type of stroke can remain elevated for two weeks following the traumatic event.

Is a stroke the only TBI caused by car accidents?

Various accidents can lead to strokes, a form of traumatic brain injury. Getting medical treatment after an accident is essential to protect from the dangers of stroke and TBI and to document the cause of injury. Strokes may result from head injuries caused by the following:

  • Bike injuries
  • Boating accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Elder abuse
  • Motorcycle injuries
  • Pedestrian accidents

Because TBIs may not be immediately apparent, their cause can often be attributed to other incidents. Following a protocol of care prescribed by a doctor is vital, including undergoing diagnostic testing, such as MRI or CT scans. Working with an experienced San Luis Obispo brain injury attorney may help you recover the medical expenses for diagnosis and treatment.

Is medical care vital to recover from a stroke?

As with all TBIs, a lack of immediate care can delay or prevent the rehabilitative process. Recovery times vary depending on the individual and the severity of the stroke. Statistics have shown that 40% of stroke victims require specialized care due to moderate to severe damage from a stroke. Strokes can result in the following symptoms:

  • Physical symptoms: Muscle weakness, trouble swallowing, or paralysis
  • Cognitive symptoms: Memory disturbances, speech challenges, and visual perception impairments
  • Emotional Symptoms: Depression, irritability, and sadness

The significance of rehabilitation in brain injury cases cannot be overstated and can be ongoing to improve the quality of life. Activities of daily living may become challenging. Caregivers of stroke victims also face the realities of coming to grips with a permanent relationship impact.

What if a loved one requires ongoing care after a stroke?

TBI treatment can extend indefinitely as a result of injuries. Calculating ongoing medical expenses is necessary, and these can be compensated for with compensatory damages in a personal injury claim. A comprehensive review will evaluate the need for additional future interventions, such as home modifications and home health services.

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