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Are You Ready for an Earthquake to Hit at Work?

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A closeup of a seismograph machine needle drawing a red line on graph paper depicting seismic and earthquake activity

When a hurricane is imminent, you know. When a tornado may strike, you are warned. Unlike these natural disasters, there is little prediction when it comes to an earthquake. These disasters often strike quickly and without warning.

If you work in an area where there is a risk for an earthquake, like San Luis Obispo, you’ve got to be prepared. While you may never experience an earthquake in your lifetime, being ready for one is often your best chance for survival. When an earthquake strikes, acting promptly can save your life.

1. Drop Down

If you feel the ground start to shake or see items on your desk start to move, drop down to your hands and knees. You don’t want the earthquake to knock you off of your feet. Stay on your knees, bend over and protect the back of your head with your arms.

2. Crawl Under Something

It may seem counterintuitive to crawl under something in the event of an earthquake, but something like a desk can help protect you from falling debris. If there is a sturdy desk near you, crawl under it and assume the position. If there is nothing nearby, get away from windows and crouch next to an interior wall.

3. Stay Inside

Don’t leave your area until the shaking stops. Don’t run outside either. Aftershocks are possible, so you want to remain where you are for several minutes to make sure you are out of danger.

4. When You Are Outside

If you are working outside when an earthquake strikes, move away from buildings, wires and streetlights if you can. Once you are out in the open, you want to get down on your knees and protect your head. Stay in place until the ground stops shaking.

5. If You Are Driving

Some people drive for work. The way you behave in a vehicle is different than how you would react in the office. If you are driving, stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Try not to stop under a bridge, near a tall building or trees. Before you stop, look overhead and to the sides of your vehicle for anything that may fall on you and try to avoid that area.

6. When the Shaking Stops

Once you are certain that the earthquake is over, call emergency services for help. If your office appears to have sustained damage, head outdoors if you have a clear path. Again, avoid any buildings and trees that could still topple. If utility wires have been knocked down, avoid them.

Very few people will experience a catastrophic earthquake in their lifetimes, but it is always a possibility. When you know how to behave during a quake, you are more likely to survive it with very little injury.

If you are hurt at work in San Luis Obispo, you may have legal rights to compensation. Reach out to our experienced team of personal injury attorneys for assistance. We will speak to you during an initial consultation and advise you of the next appropriate steps.

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