In the city of San Luis Obispo, defective or dangerous products that cause injury to people fall under the legal concept of product liability. This is a set of legal rules that determines who is responsible for defective products. It is a different set of laws than those that surround typical injuries, making it easier for the injured to recover damages.

A manufacturer or seller of a product can be held liable when a product is defective and placed in the hands of consumers. Each member of the distribution chain of a dangerous product can be held liable if that product causes injury. When a product causes injury, it does not meet the expectations of the person who purchased it.

Types of product defects include:

  • Design Defects – These defects are present in the design of the product before it is ever made. There is something in the design that makes the product unsafe for use.
  • Manufacturing Defects – These defects occur during the process of the product being made.
  • Marketing Defects – These defects or flaws lie in the way that the product is marketed.

When a person is injured by a product, an attorney will work to determine at which point the product became defective. Once it is determined where the defect is, the attorney will decide who should be held liable. Any person who has been injured by a defective product should consult with an attorney experienced in product liability law to determine the options available to them.