In the city of San Luis Obispo, motorcycle accident victims may experience pain and suffering following their accident. This is a type of non-economic loss suffered by victims of accidents. Pain and suffering is classified into two categories: physical and mental. In the state of California, it is recognized that victims may suffer one or both types of pain and suffering following a crash.

Mental pain and suffering may also be referred to as emotional or mental distress. This can include depression, anxiety or other emotions that affect a victim’s enjoyment of life. Post-traumatic stress is another type of mental pain and suffering. When courts discuss physical pain and suffering, they are speaking of discomfort that follows an accident that are a direct result of injuries that are long lasting.

Motorcycle accident victims in San Luis Obispo may recover compensation for pain and suffering. Typically, the pain and suffering incurred by a victim must be so severe that normal day-to-day activities are negatively impacted. For example, permanent disfigurement or scarring would be a claim that would be successful in a personal injury case. Pain and suffering compensation is most often recovered in slip and fall claims, medical malpractice claims and vehicular accident claims.

Victims who wish to pursue the recovery of pain and suffering damages should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. There are elements that must be proven to have a successful claim. Victims must be able to prove the extent of their damages in order to receive compensation.