In the city of San Luis Obispo, litigation is a term used to describe court proceedings that take place between opposing parties. Litigation is normally settled by the parties without the need for a judge or jury, but in some cases, litigation does make its way to a courtroom. It is a popular misconception that litigation is another word for lawsuit. The fact is that litigation involves several different processes before, during, and after a lawsuit.

In the state of California, litigation begins when someone attempts to defend or enforce their legal rights. Technically, litigation begins when a person hires an attorney. There are a variety of pre-lawsuit litigation activities that may take place. These could include writing letters on a client’s behalf but are always case-specific. Other steps in the litigation process may include:

  • Pre-suit Negotiation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Lawsuit
  • Discovery
  • Motion Practice
  • Trial
  • Post-Trial Litigation

The processes that are involved in litigation in a personal injury case will depend not only on the type of injury but on the unique circumstances surrounding that injury. Personal injury lawsuits may make their way to a courtroom, or these types of litigation may reach no further than an accepted settlement. An experienced attorney can explain the steps to their client and provide a reasonable picture of what can be expected throughout the process.

Any person who has been injured due to error, negligence, or accident should consult with an attorney experienced with their specific injury. This can help to ensure that the person’s rights are represented adequately and fairly.