In the city of San Luis Obispo, there are a variety of causes of birth defects, including those caused by drug injury. Even though alcohol and illegal drug use are often linked to news of birth injuries and defects, prescription medications can be just as dangerous. There are several medications that are considered to be safe for pregnant women and their infants, but there are those that are known to have harmful side effects, including birth injury.

It is a doctor’s duty to ensure that a pregnancy is healthy to the end that prescription medications should not be utilized if they are known to be dangerous. In some cases, a medical care provider will prescribe medications without knowledge that they could cause harm to an infant. In those cases, the manufacturer may be held liable for any injury sustained by the baby at birth.

In other cases, the doctor may fail to tell a pregnant woman about the drug’s potential side effects. When this occurs and the infant suffers with an injury or deformity, the doctor may be held liable and required by law to provide compensation to the family. Compensation may include medical bills, emotional distress and more.

Any woman who is pregnant should research any medications she is currently on and any that her doctor wants to put her on. While many medications are safe for an unborn infant, there are several that are quite dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible.