In the state of California, confusion or a feeling of being disoriented after a brain injury is common. Doctors in California and across the country know that there are many symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, and confusion is one of them. Feeling confused or disoriented can occur in a mild brain injury or a major one. Any time the brain sustains damage, a change in the ability to think clearly and regulate emotions can be effected.

Confusion and disorientation may not be immediately felt by the patient or apparent to loved ones. The onset of symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can take days or weeks. Many symptoms are so subtle that they are missed by the people close to the patient, and they may even be missed by the patient themselves. A person who has suffered a brain injury may appear normal and move typically, despite feeling “not quite right.” Changes in behavior are often the first indicators that something is happening in the brain.

People who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may have difficulty remembering names. They may forget the route to work, or they may become easily frustrated or irritated. When people notice that they are easily confused or that their emotions are somewhat out of control, they are urged to seek medical help as soon as possible. Other symptoms associated with a brain injury include a loss of smell, sensitivity to light and sound, headache and nausea.