For the city of San Luis Obispo, a boating accident report database can be found here. California state law requires that an boater involved in an accident file a report in writing with the state when the accident results in the disappearance, injury or death of another person. Requirements for filing a report that involves injury further state that the injury must have required attention beyond First Aid before reporting is required. In the case of damage, that damage must have totalled more than $500 before a report is required.

The law is not meant to punish people. Reports submitted are not used to punish people and cannot be used in prosecution. Instead, reports submitted are used to complete accident analysis. The reports are used by the government to determine areas of concern and develop ways to promote education, safety and law enforcement efforts. Details outlined in each report are used to determine why the accident may have happened, how the accident could have been prevented, and if there were any safety-related issues.

Every year, the Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) uses reports submitted to compile a single report. The report includes topics such as accidents, injuries, fatalities, youth operators, fatal alcohol-related accidents, and personal watercraft. The report is available to the public.

Any person who is injured in a boating accident should consult with an attorney experienced in boating accident law for assistance. If an operator is found to have been negligent and caused the accident, a victim may be legally able to seek compensation for injuries and property damage.