Experience matters. Claims against insurance companies are complicated and require skilled representation.Recommendations. Maybe you know a lawyer in a town where you used to live. Perhaps a lawyer who works for a corporation lives across the street. These lawyers may be able to refer you to other lawyers who have experience with your type of problem.You also could ask your friends, co-workers and employers if they know any lawyers. Business owners or professionals such as bankers, ministers, doctors, social workers and teachers might be able to give you the name of a lawyer. Certified lawyer referral services. You could call a local State Bar-certified lawyer referral service. This type of service refers potential clients to attorneys.Attorney Organizations. Some lawyers belong to organizations for lawyers who practice certain types of law. The lawyers at Ernst Law Group, ALC belong to the State Bar of California, the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association, the Central Coast Trial Lawyers Association (Mr. Ernst and Mr. Whitehead are past presidents), the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles and the Consumer Attorneys of California. In 2008 Mr. Ernst has been elected by his peers to be the President of the Consumer Attorneys of California. Ernst Law Group, ALC has extensive experience representing policy holders in lawsuits against insurance companies. We invite you to call our office to discuss your case.