What to Do If You’ve Been In a Pedestrian Accident

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You have just gone to the store and are walking back to your car in the parking lot. You are walking down the street and step into the crosswalk to get to the other side. You are jogging down a country road.
No matter the situation, pedestrians are struck by cars all too frequently. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents can range from minor to severe. In some instances, these accidents can prove fatal. If you have never been hit by a vehicle, consider yourself lucky. However, you should prepare yourself for the possibility. What you do following the accident is important.

1. Get Out of the Street

As angry as you are, you need to try to remain calm. If you are injured but can still move, get out of the road. At the very least, get as close to the curb or side of the road as you can. If you feel as though you have injured your back or neck, you’ll want to stay put. Ask a witness or the driver to stand near you so that you aren’t struck again.

2. Don’t Let the Driver Leave

Let’s say that you’ve been lightly tapped and haven’t received any injury. You still don’t want to let the driver leave. Call the police and make a report of the incident. Your injuries may not be apparent and you may have to seek medical attention later in the day or even in the following days.

3. Call the Police

Speaking of the police, call them no matter what. Remain on scene until they get there and can take your report. You cannot file an accident report “later.” It must be filed immediately following the accident. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t hurt. In order to protect your rights, you need to have that accident report on file.

4. Information and Photos

Get the information of the driver. You can find the information you need on their driver’s license if they willingly hand it over. You need their name, address and contact information. If you have your phone on you, pull it out and start taking pictures. Get a photo of the car’s license plate and the conditions of the road. Be sure to take pictures of your injuries as well.

5. Get Medical Attention

You may be severely injured and transported from the scene to a local hospital for medical attention. Then again, your injuries may not be apparent or readily felt and you may feel as though you don’t need immediate attention. This could be a mistake, especially if you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit later. Get medical attention, regardless of how you feel.
If you have been hit by a vehicle in San Luis Obispo, you have legal rights you should be aware of. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about your options. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

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