The Most Common Construction Accidents

Categories: Personal Injury

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous there is. Working from heights, around large machinery and even underground all pose unique sets of hazards, not to mention walking under objects that have a very real chance of falling.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3 million workers are hurt on the job each year. Of those who are injured, construction workers make up 9 percent. There are 4.3 nonfatal injuries for every 100 workers in the industry. Some accidents occur more frequently than others and can be more easily avoided if people know what to watch out for.

1. Falls

One of the most common types of accidents resulting in injury on the construction site is nothing more than a fall. It seems like something so simple, but falling is more than just tripping over your feet as you are walking. In the construction industry, a fall is typically anything but simple. A fall that occurs while walking across scaffolding, for example, can result in death. When a fall from heights isn’t fatal, it can result in extremely serious injury.

2. Falling Objects

Another leading cause of accidents on construction sites is strikes from falling objects. Tools that are being used high in the air can slip out of someone’s hand. Large pieces of construction materials can slip from cranes and crash to the ground below. Unfortunately, sometimes those things crash right on top of a worker, causing severe injuries that, sometimes, prove fatal.

3. Equipment-Related Accidents

Another common cause of construction-site accidents is equipment accidents. Sometimes equipment can fail, and sometimes it can tip over. Working around large machinery and heavy equipment is something that needs to be done very cautiously and with full attention.

4. Crushing Injuries

Being crushed in between two vehicles, between a vehicle and a piece of equipment or two pieces of machinery can cause terrible injury. A crushing injury can be difficult to recover from. Sometimes these accidents are caused by a lack of attention on the party of employees or supervisors.

5. Fires

Fires and explosions also commonly occur on construction sites. Flammable chemicals and gases can ignite when torches or other flame-emitting tools are used. Fires and explosions aren’t as common as the other types of accidents, but they do occur too often for comfort.
If you have been injured on a construction site in San Luis Obispo, reach out to our team of experienced personal injury attorneys. We will review the details of your case and advise you of your legal options. You have rights that you need to be aware of. Beyond worker’s compensation, you may have a personal injury case against your supervisor, employer or site owner for a failure to maintain a safe work environment.