The Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Categories: Personal Injury

It seems like people are doing everything behind the wheel, except keeping their eyes on the road. Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk, including the driver doing the distracted driving.
Knowing the top five causes of distracted driving can serve as a reminder of what not to do behind the wheel. It can also be a warning of what you may be doing that you should stop in order to keep your life and the lives of others safe on the road.
1. Cellphone Use
We use our smartphones to stay connected to the world. Unfortunately, we stay connected even when we are driving. Using our cellphones while we drive is one of the most dangerous things we do. Experts suggest putting your cellphone where you can’t reach it and turning off the alerts so you aren’t tempted to grab for it. It doesn’t matter if you are talking, texting or scrolling through social media, your cellphone is a definite distraction. No text, phone call, or social media update is as important as arriving at your destination safely.
2. Passengers
Anyone who has driven with kids in the backseat knows how distracting they can be, but what about your other passengers? Listening to a loud conversation in your car can be distracting, and adding in your own comments will get you even more distracted. Kindly ask your passengers to keep their voices to a normal level.
3. Music
If you rock out behind the steering wheel to your favorite jams, it’s time to reel it in. It has been shown that listening to music with strong beats or head-banging vocals can be distracting. If you don’t want to ride in silence, try listening to a podcast, an audio book or a music genre that is a bit more relaxing.
4. Eating
Do not skip eating a meal at home to save time, if it means you are going to try to eat while you are driving. Eating and drinking behind the wheel are becoming top distractions and leading to more car accidents. You can’t eat or drink without taking at least one hand off the wheel. Even worse is taking both hands off the wheel and trying to steer with your knees. Eat at home, at the office or in a restaurant.
5. Personal Hygiene and Grooming
Have you ever been driving behind someone putting on their makeup in the rearview mirror? You should never do your makeup in the car, unless it is parked. If you find that you don’t have enough time to do your hair or face in the morning before you leave the house, you need to get up earlier. You can’t do your hair or makeup without looking in the mirror and, if you are looking in the mirror, you aren’t looking at the road. Stop hitting snooze in the morning and waiting until your commute to do your grooming; it is putting your life and other lives at risk.
If you have been involved in a car accident in San Luis Obispo and a distracted driver is to blame, you may have the right to compensation. Reach out to our team of personal injury attorneys today to schedule your free case evaluation, and learn more about your legal rights. We are here for you and your family, call today.