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  • If you have been the victim of a concussion, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    It’s impossible not to talk about helmets when discussing bicycle safety. Initially, bike helmets were created to protect the head from the exterior injuries sustained from a serious impact in bicycle accidents and collisions. However, the latest research has discovered that interior injuries—namely, concussions– can actually be just as perilous. What is even more alarming […]

  • Contact an attorney today if you have been in a bicycle accident.

    The total number of people killed in bicycle crashes for the year 1995 was 830. In 2011, or roughly 16 years later, the number has dropped to 677 fatalities, but the population of bicycle-related deaths is still alarming. While these numbers make up only 2 percent of the total number of traffic crash fatalities, there’s […]

  • If you have sustained a bicycle injury, contact a lawyer today.

    Bicycle riding always carries with it the risk of bicycle injuries. However, you can keep these injuries from taking place by avoiding danger zones and learning all the pertinent bicycling skills you need. Injury prevention is often a combination of mindful maneuvering and a thorough knowledge of all the necessary rules. Listed below are some […]

  • Protect yourself from cyclist accidents.

    In the UK, approximately 19,000 bicyclists are involved in road collisions, with as many as 3,000 of them ending up gravely injured or killed. The total number of casualties for the year 2011 was 19,215, with 16,023 of these individuals suffering from slight injuries. Those who endured serious injuries numbered 3,085 while the fatalities totaled […]

  • car-motorcycle crashes

    Motorcycle riders in South Florida are convinced that car and truck drivers are the perpetrators of most car-motorcycle crashes. Michael Gluckman, a motorcycle rider for at least 13 years, believes the rising incidence of motorcycle accidents is brought about by car and truck drivers who use their cell phones while driving, causing them to become […]

  • protect yourself from unnecessary risks and bicycle accidents

    While the bicycle is a popular mode of transportation in America, the bicycle helmet and bicycle safety, unfortunately, does not necessarily share this popularity. In fact, while millions of Americans use a bike, not even half of this bicycling population is committed to wearing a bicycle helmet. A survey between 2001 and 2003 reports that […]

  • San Luis Obispo Bike collision attorney

    Out of five accidents involving cars and bicycles, four of these collisions were caused by car drivers, police statistics in Australia has revealed. The study came from the Centre for Automotive Safety Research at Adelaide University. Given the long-winded debate on who deserves the bitter censure for bicycle & vehicle accidents, this piece of information […]

  • bicycle accident attorney in san luis obispo

    While it’s no secret that many people bike to work or anywhere else, not everyone is aware of the alarming statistics on bicycle collisions. Bike commuters typically find themselves competing against four-wheeled vehicles, such as cars and buses that appear to dominate the city streets. They swerving into bike lanes and honking full-volume as a […]

  • CRPS attorney

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as CRPS, is a condition characterized by chronic pain in a specific region of the body, such as the arms or legs. It is called a syndrome due to the fact that the symptoms usually occur all at the same time and the causes are unknown or not clearly […]

  • children with CRPS

    Any parent is likely to get alarmed once they see their child unable to recover from a simple sprain or a sports-related injury. While most will seek the help of a pediatrician or an orthopedist, not all of them may get appropriate diagnosis on their child’s condition. Not all physicians are able to recognize the […]

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