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  • Why The Lack of Truck Drivers Is Causing More Accidents

    According to the American Trucking Association, there is a lack of drivers in the United States. Whether it is because the lure of the open road is no longer there or people are turning to different industries for employment, the ATA says that there is a shortage of nearly 900,000 truckers across the country. The […]

  • Ernst Tips for Having a Safe Fourth of July in San Luis Obispo

    In the state of California, fireworks are divided into two categories: “Dangerous fireworks” and “safe and sane fireworks.” Dangerous fireworks include larger sparklers and rockets. Safe and sane fireworks include snap caps, fountains and spinners. You can find a more comprehensive list on the Office of the California State Fire Marshal website. If you don’t […]

  • Avoid Desk Job Injuries with These Stretches feature image

    When people think of on-the-job injuries, they often picture accidents involving heavy machinery. While these are certainly serious, they aren’t the only type of injuries that occur in the workplace. Sitting at your desk for the better part of the day can lead to muscle pain, strain and eventual repetitive injury. The good news is […]

  • Protecting Yourself in the Number One State for Dog Bites

    State Farm recently released a report stating that residents of California experience more dog bites each year than people in any other state. In 2017, 488 people made claims with the insurance company in California after being bitten by a dog. That number accounted for close to 14 percent of all dog bites in the […]

  • 6 Easy Tips for Staying Safe On Your Boat This Summer header

    Boating season is here. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice to the water or have years of experience when it comes to safety. Knowing how to keep yourself, your passengers and others on the water safe is important. If you have hours of experience behind the controls, think of this article as a […]

  • Why Is Summer More Dangerous for Motorcycle Riders

    Summer is officially in full swing. Kids are out of school, families are planning vacations and motorcyclists are taking to the streets in greater numbers. One important thing to note is that summer is more dangerous for motorcyclists than any other time of year. Both collision and fatality rates increase during the warm weather months. […]

  • KSBY is reporting that a large semi truck rear-ended a passenger car early Monday morning. The wreck happened near Bonita Elementary School. The photograph above shows that entire rear portion of the car, all the way up to the front seat compartment, was totally destroyed. The driver was reportedly rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, at […]

  • 18 wheeler semi truck at night on highway

    When you drive down a highway in California, you are bound to be sharing your space with at least one semi truck. It’s important to understand that these large vehicles have limitations that you may not. Larger blind spots, longer stopping distances and an inability to maneuver as easily as a smaller vehicle make knowing […]

  • Detail of a road bike with a cyclist pedaling on a road

    It’s always better to start with good news. On that note: There are fewer accidents involving cyclists than there ever have been. Now for the bad news: The crashes that do occur involve many that could have been avoided either on the part of the cyclist or the driver. Whether you or riding a bicycle […]

  • Common Types of Personal Injury in San Luis Obispo header

    Tort law is more commonly known to people as personal injury law. A person injured by another’s negligence or error is permitted to seek compensation for financial losses and other damages because of this area of law. A victim of a crime or intentional act also has the legal right to seek damages. Not every […]

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