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Category : Trucking Accidents
  • A blue semi truck with day cockpit and a roof spoiler to reduce air resistance and improve aerodynamics carries the trailer with cargo along the road in an urban city area

    Any person who is responsible for safely operating a semi truck should be able to do so. As the trucking industry faces driver shortages across the nation, elderly drivers are filling positions at a higher rate than ever before. While some elderly drivers are perfectly capable of operating these powerful machines, others are putting themselves and […]

  • Flat tire of an old fragment of a rusty abandoned broken truck close-up

    Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck is frightening to say the least. In the aftermath of such an accident, many people are dazed and unaware of what to do next. When a person is a victim of a semi-truck accident, one of the first phone calls they should make is to an experienced […]

  • Senior man driving a truck and texting on a mobile phone

    No one can argue that semi truck drivers have a difficult job. Not only do they cross hundreds of miles of territory in a single day, but they drive for long hours in a stretch. These professionals drive between states, picking up and dropping off cargo on the way. One of the most important jobs […]

  • Gasoline Pump Nozzles Closeup Photo

    Any business that requires a commercial fleet to operate can eat away at their profits. Knowing what fuel will cost you is of incredible importance. The more efficient your fleet, the more profit you ultimately have. Don’t take what you are making and toss it into the gas tanks of your vehicles. There are different […]

  • Lights of police car in night time

    On March 31, 2017, a 69 year old Bakersfield man, Jesus Acebedo, was killed when he was hit head-on by a big-rig that crossed into his lane of travel on Highway 46 near Shandon. According the California Highway Patrol, the big-rig crossed into the westbound lane of Highway 46 and clipped a pickup truck before […]

  • (UPDATED 6/29/2016 7:23AM) There has been yet another fatal truck crash at the Wellsona Rd crossing on Highway 101 in Paso Robles, in northern San Luis Obispo County. One person died and another was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. This time, a big-rig truck and a SAAB passenger vehicle collided. Rebecca Golde […]

  • The community of San Luis Obispo was not all celebrations on Christmas Eve, as a big rig disaster left four families stunned. The firefighters at Cal Fire San Luis Obispo confirmed that there were 4 dead in an accident that occurred North of Paso Robles on the US 101. The exact location was on the freeway […]

  • The driver of any vehicle that hits another vehicle, cyclist or a pedestrian has the responsibility tostopandprovide aid to the injured party.  A victim of a hit and run accident may suffer life-changing consequences like serious injuries or even death– and the guilty driver is expected to be responsible for any consequences of his or […]

  • If your bus company has been involved in an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

    The greatest fear of a company that specializes in moving people or cargo is an accident. For a trucking company, the potential of lost revenue is too great considering the expenses involved with regular trucking. There’s also the chance that hazardous materials could leak out of the trailer, causing damage to the environment. But most […]

  • If you have been involved in a bus accident, contact a personal injury attorney today.

    No matter what type of vehicle a trucker drives, being part of an accident certainly is not a good thing. Both assignments can be tricky for a driver, but they each have their own potential problems that should be considered before stepping behind the wheel. Being less than serious about the whole enterprise could have […]

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