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Category : Ethics
  • It’s unfortunate that, in this day in age, millions of consumers are taken advantage of each year through a variety of different fraud schemes. Though huge fraudsters like Bernie Madoff make the news, the sad fact is that other fraudsters seem to vanish into thin air after emptying their victim’s bank account. And all too […]

  • School shootings are an unfortunate part of modern American life. In fact, since the Sandy Hook incident on December 14, 2012, a gun has been fired on school grounds 186 times — nearly once a week. The most recent shooting at UCLA took the lives of two people on June 1. How, new details have […]

  • Grow your Firm; by Personal Injury Attorneys

    Rule 1 320. Financial Arrangements With Non Lawyers (A) Neither a member nor a law firm shall directly or indirectly share legal fees with a person who is not a lawyer, except that: (1) An agreement between a member and a law firm, partner, or associate may provide for the payment of money after the […]

  • Grow your Firm; by Personal Injury Attorneys

    11. Institute the “screw up rule.” If someone makes a mistake, they must immediately tell a superior. Most mistakes can be remedied if discovered soon enough. Give amnesty to an employee if they immediately admit an error. Terminate the employee if they try to hide any mistake. 12. Use hourly employees or independent subcontractors to […]

  • Grow your Firm; by Personal Injury Attorneys

    20 ETHICAL WAYS TO GROW AND IMPROVE YOUR PRACTICE Don A. Ernst November 14, 2004 Rules Number 1-5 1. Always place the interest of the client first. This simple concept is often lost in the risk and cost of the contingent fee case. It is the client’s case, not the lawyers. We are hired to […]

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