These recent I-5 truck accidents will make you want to drive safely

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California’s Interstate 5 stretches over 1,300 miles along the west coast, connecting California, Oregon, and Washington. As one of the most heavily traveled highways in the United States, I-5 sees significant commercial truck traffic, transporting goods and commodities across state lines. While the trucking industry plays a crucial role in the economy, it also presents inherent risks, particularly when accidents occur on major thoroughfares like I-5. 

In this post, we’ll explore recent truck accidents on I-5 and highlight the importance of driving safely. By staying vigilant on the road, you can avoid collisions that may require the help of an experienced California truck accident lawyer from Ernst Law Group.

What are the causes of truck accidents on I-5?

Some common causes of truck accidents on I-5 and other highways include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Mechanical failures
  • Weather conditions
  • Improper cargo loading

Commercial trucks’ sheer size and weight make them a significant force on the road. Even minor collisions with passenger vehicles can have catastrophic consequences because of their increased stopping distance, large blind spots, and cargo shifting.

What truck accidents have recently occurred on I-5?

Recent semi-truck accidents on I-5 in California include the following.

Fatal Accident in Boyle Heights

On February 27th, an 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle collided in the early morning hours on I-5 in Boyle Heights. The accident caused the death of an individual in the car and caused several lanes of the interstate to shut down.

Del Mar Heights Deadly Crash

On January 25th, a pickup truck slammed into the back of a commercial truck, leading to a fiery fatal truck crash on the 5 freeway. The driver of the pickup truck was trapped underneath the big rig’s trailer while the commercial truck caught fire and passed away before first responders could extricate him.

Sun Valley Overturned Truck

On January 16th, a semi-truck overturned on I-5 in Sun Valley after its driver attempted to swerve around a disabled vehicle. The big rig blocked all lanes except the carpool lane, backing up traffic for hours.

Lebec Entrapment Collision

On January 10th, a commercial truck rear-ended another big rig pulled over on the I-5 shoulder in Lebec, causing its contents to spill onto the freeway and traffic to be backed up for miles. The driver of one of the trucks was trapped inside and had to be cut out and medevacked to a nearby hospital.

Deadly Pileup in Kern County

On January 6th, a horrific chain-reaction crash involving at least 30 vehicles, including 17 big rigs, unfolded on I-5 near Bakersfield due to dense fog impairing visibility. Two lives were lost, and nine others sustained injuries in the accident.

FedEx Truck Accident on I-5 in Lebec

On November 28th, 2023, another accident occurred in Lebec where a FedEx semi-truck collided with a passenger vehicle and caused hazardous liquid to spill onto the freeway. This 5 freeway truck accident caused multiple lanes to close, delaying traffic on I-5.

Gorman Multiple Vehicle Crash

On November 2nd, 2023, one person was injured after a truck accident on the 5 freeway in Gorman that involved a commercial truck, two pickup trucks, and a sedan, leading several lanes of I-5 to shut down for hours. One individual was injured in the collision and airlifted to the local hospital for treatment.

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the average daily truck traffic on I-5 is 10,000, with a maximum of more than 35,000 trucks at certain times. More than 65% of the interstate is highly congested, increasing the risk of accidents. 

What lessons can be learned from truck accidents on the I-5 freeway?

While these I-5 freeway truck accidents serve as sobering reminders of the risks associated with highway travel, there are steps drivers can take to reduce their likelihood of being involved in an accident. Safety tips to keep in mind include:

  • Maintain a safe following distance
  • Avoid blind spots
  • Drive defensively
  • Obey posted speed limits
  • Report unsafe driving behavior
  • Minimize distractions
  • Be patient

Call us if you’re injured in a California truck accident

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