Protecting Yourself in the Number One State for Dog Bites

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State Farm recently released a report stating that residents of California experience more dog bites each year than people in any other state.

In 2017, 488 people made claims with the insurance company in California after being bitten by a dog. That number accounted for close to 14 percent of all dog bites in the United States for that year.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are ways that people can prevent dog bites.

1. Altering Your Pet

If you have a male dog, have him neutered. If you have a female dog, have her spayed. Altering pets makes them less prone to aggression. Pet owners should speak with their veterinarians to determine the best age of their pet with regards to undergoing the procedure.

2. Socialize the Dog

Some people make the mistake of thinking that their new puppy will automatically get along with people and other animals simply because of its breed or their past experience with pets. Dogs need to be exposed to things that are unfamiliar in order to reduce anxiety they may experience in the future when exposed to those same things.

A puppy should meet children, men, women and other people’s pets. The more you expose your puppy to and the more often it is allowed to participate in a variety of activities, the less likely it will be to bite out of fear or stress.

3. Know Your Dog

We would all love to take our dog to the beach. We all think it’s adorable when a dog plays with a baby. That doesn’t mean that your dog will ever be comfortable in those situations. If you know that certain people stress out your dog or some situations make it nervous, avoid those people or situations. You don’t want to ever put your dog in a situation where it feels it has no option but to lash out.

The tips above are great for people who own dogs, but what can you do? You don’t have a dog, but you’re worried about the possibility of being bitten. Using common sense is often your best defense. Don’t pet a dog you don’t know, always ask permission to pet a dog that is with its owner and if you are chased by a dog, don’t run. Instead, try to put a barrier between you and the animal.

One of the smartest things for anyone to do if they are concerned about the potential of being bitten by a dog is to learn a bit about canine body language. A dog will typically give a warning before it makes the decision to bite. Knowing what a dog is feeling before they bite is your best chance of prevention.

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