OSHA Cites Increased Workplace Fatalities

Categories: Personal Injury

According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of 2016 Fatal Occupational Injuries, 2016 saw a 7% increase in workplace fatalities from 2015, with 5,190 workers killed on the job. This tragic uptick in deaths can partially be accounted for by the rise in drug-related fatalities, which have increased by 25% or more annually since 2012.
The opioid crisis has become a workplace issue according to the Department of Labor, as opioid related workplace deaths continue to rise. There was a 32% increase in overdoses from non-medical drugs in 2016 alone.
The main cause of workplace death in 2016 was transportation accidents, accounting for 25% of fatalities. The second highest cause was workplace violence injuries, which increased by 23% from 2015. With the breakdown meaning that every day nearly 14 workers were killed on the job, OSHA hopes to broaden their impact.
Industries where OSHA and MSHA resources were present, fatality rates stabilized or declined. Unfortunately, with declining budgets and fewer resources, it is unclear how much of an impact they will be able to have. It is imperative that all employers have ample policies and training to ensure the safety of their workers in order for workplace fatality rate to decrease. Good leadership is essential to avoid safety hazards in a work environment.
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