Is Trial Experience Important for Personal Injury Attorneys?

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When you are injured in an accident, you may want to pursue legal action in order to recover the money spent on medical bills and repairing your damaged property. Many people believe that a lawyer must have trial experience in order to be “good.” The truth of that matter is that there are several factors that should be considered when hiring an attorney and trial experience is only one of them.

All Trial Experience Is Not the Same

The umbrella of personal injury is wide. Just because a lawyer has trial experience in a slip and fall case doesn’t mean that the experience will lend anything to a mass civil action suit. An attorney who has taken a car accident to trial may not have any experience with on-the-job injuries.
You’ve also got to look at whether or not the attorney was successful at trial. If the attorney has a losing track record, they are clearly missing something from the experience. If you are going to make trial experience a deciding factor, the attorney you are looking at should have more wins than losses.

When Trial Experience May Not Matter

The attorney you are looking at doesn’t have much trial experience and it makes you nervous. Take a close look at why the attorney doesn’t have the experience you are looking for. It could be that they are so good at negotiating that they haven’t had to take a case, or very many, to trial. It may be that they are excellent at speaking with insurance agents and defendants and they have been able to reach settlements in the majority of their cases.
When you are choosing an attorney, you are certainly going to look for one with experience, but you are also going to be asking other questions. While trial experience may be something you want to consider, it may not be your deciding factor. A lack of extensive trial experience doesn’t mean that an attorney isn’t an experienced litigator who will be able to get you what you deserve. It only means that you need to look a bit deeper.
Whether in or out of the courtroom, you want an attorney who has a track record of winning on behalf of their clients. Do your research, look at online reviews and make sure your attorney has what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.
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