Factors That Influence the Length of Your Truck Accident Case

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As experienced truck accident lawyers in San Luis Obispo, we have represented thousands of clients. One of the questions we are asked most often is how long it will take to resolve a case.

There is, unfortunately, no clear-cut answer to this question. However, several factors influence the predicted length of your truck accident case.

Get Answers About Your Truck Accident Case

A trustworthy attorney will speak of case length in general terms. Typically, the larger the claim, the longer the case. The more difficult the investigation, the longer the case.

On the other hand, some cases are easy to settle because the details are extremely clear and the insurance company is willing to accept the amount of liability in question.

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In the meantime, continue reading to discover the factors that contribute to the length of a truck accident case.

Your Injuries

In some wrecks, your injuries are immediately obvious. In others, you aren’t aware of the full extent of your injuries for weeks or months.

An accident victim will not know how much their case may be worth until they are well into the recovery process. Your injuries may require a single medical visit or years of therapy. This variance can have an impact on the length of your case. The severity of your injuries and cost to stabilize and heal them will also influence the amount of your award.

The Necessary Steps

Every court case must move through certain steps. If you and your attorney determine that going to trial is your best course of action, your case will take longer than it would if you simply settle with the insurance company.

Every step in the civil litigation process has a specific time limit. If the steps are completed quickly and one falls right after the next, your case will be shorter.

When you and your lawyer discuss your accident, you can ask how long your case should reasonably take. Find out how long each step could take at a maximum, and estimate from there. Ask about the worst-case scenario regarding the timeline for your case.

Tactical Delays

Don’t expect an insurance company or defense attorney to accept your request and settle immediately. There are actions that either party can take to delay the case. It’s a tactic used in many personal injury cases. The longer the insurance company or defense attorney can stall, the more likely they believe the plaintiff will be to accept a settlement offer that is lower than what a court would award.

It’s not uncommon for the opposing party to attempt to delay your case. They want to frustrate you into accepting a low offer. Never accept any type of settlement without speaking with your attorney. Remember that you hired an expert advocate for a reason.

Complexity of Your Case

Your case could take longer if your attorney calls more witnesses than average, needs to petition large volumes of evidence, or holds more than one party liable at a time. The length of the investigation, amount of paperwork, and scheduling meetings with people who will testify on your behalf are all time-consuming.

Your Cooperation

Of course you intend to cooperate with your attorney. However, you can inadvertently cause delays.

Changing your contact information and not providing your attorney with your new email or phone number could delay your case. Failing to provide the information your attorney asks for could delay your case.

Always remain in contact with your attorney and periodically check to see if your case is on schedule.

Ernst Law Group Is Your Advocate

While some personal injury lawsuits are settled quickly, others can take years to come to an end. No attorney can give you an exact end date, but they can give you an estimated timeline based on their experience.

We understand that you want this to be over. You have been under enough stress since your accident, and you don’t need more. We also understand that you and your family may be facing financial distress. The team at Ernst Law Group is here for you.

Ernst is a premier truck accident law firm that knows what it takes to secure compensation for your accident losses. While we cannot guarantee results, our history of past client successes can give you confidence.

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