Car Drivers’ Worst Habits, According to Truckers

Categories: Personal Injury

We have all experienced that feeling of increased awareness when we see a semi-truck on the highway. You may begin to feel anxious at the thought of getting too close. Have you ever stopped to think about what truck drivers think when they notice you?
According to some truckers, people who drive passenger vehicles could develop some better skills. If non-commercial drivers focused on improving their driving, there would be fewer accidents on highways. Here’s what many professional drivers consider to be the worst habits of passenger vehicle drivers:

1. Lack of Focus

We don’t always pay attention when we are behind the wheel of our cars. We think about other things and do other things. Before we know it, we are slamming on our brakes because we missed a turn or the car in front of us suddenly stopped.
Pay closer attention to the task at hand. Your focus should be on the road ahead of you when you are behind the wheel of your car. Put down the cell phone, give the coffee a rest and stop trying to fix your hair in the rear view mirror. There is nothing you should be doing in your vehicle other than driving.

2. Riding in the Blindspot

Truckers want you to know that their whole truck is basically comprised of one big blindspot. It’s not necessarily safe if you can only see a truck’s mirror from your vehicle. You need to be able to see a trucker’s eyes in that mirror. Here is a good rule to follow while you’re driving: If you encounter a truck on the road, either stay behind it or pass it.
Driving along the side of a truck, unless you have no other choice, is a poor and dangerous decision. The chances are very high that you will be in the driver’s blindspot the majority of the time. This means that you are putting yourself at risk of being run off the road.

3. Crossing Multiple Lanes

Often, people drive in the left-most lane because they can travel faster there. If a driver is in the left lane and is distracted, they may come upon their desired exit without realizing it. This can lead to the dangerous situation where the driver will try and cross multiple lanes without caution.
If a motorcycle is in their path, they may not notice it. This can cause a serious accident to occur. If a semi-truck is unable to stop in time and avoid the collision, it may become involved too. If you are a passenger vehicle driver, never wait until the last second to cross multiple lanes of traffic. It is much safer to wait until the next exit and adjust your route, instead of being the cause of a potentially fatal accident.

4. Reckless Driving in Construction Zones

Construction zones are dangerous for the workers on the road and for drivers in their vehicles. Often, road signs are placed ahead of the construction zone telling you what to do when you get to the zone. They also tell you what truckers are permitted to do. Pay attention to the signs and obey them.
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