Amputee support groups in California


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Californians are resilient under pressure and adapt to overcome obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable. But slowly, life begins again, and the ability to succeed at new challenges is reclaimed.

Ernst Law Group has seen the devastation a traumatic injury leading to amputation can bring, and we are dedicated to fighting for the resources injured individuals need to thrive in a life that has been changed forever. We believe in accountability and are committed to bringing transformation that prevents tragedy from striking. Being severely injured requires the guidance of a San Luis Obispo catastrophic injury attorney to ensure your medical, physical, mental, and emotional needs are met.

Keep reading for resources that can help you find healing in support groups and communities in your area.

The vital role of limb loss and amputee support

The best way through any devastating event is to find a community of understanding people to share struggles, challenges, and triumphs.

  • Most individuals with limb loss joined support groups to learn new living skills that increased functionality, network with healthcare professionals, and connect with an amputee community.
  • The main reason an individual had not previously participated in a support group was because they were unaware of the available services in their community.
  • 40% of study participants felt that technology provided a tremendous avenue for connecting with others but would prefer to use the platforms as an avatar.

One of the biggest challenges to attending a live support group, other than being unaware of a group’s existence, was accessibility. The COVID-19 pandemic has also limited some in-person meetings but has set the stage for individuals to connect with meaningful groups worldwide. Our goal is to provide a list of resources that help individuals living with amputation find their community.

Amputee support groups and resources

The following sites provide insightful information to online peer groups, informative articles, and to seek out peer visitation in the community.

The Amputee Connection of Redlands

Located in Redlands, this organization provides an in-depth listing of amputee resources and serves the state of California.

Governmental agency contacts, prosthetic device manufacturers, athletic challenges and festivals, and support groups are listed to provide Californians options for care, support, and activities to meet other individuals with limb loss. If you are an active person suffering limb loss, find connections at the San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

Operation Surf

Providing peer-to-peer support for injured military and veterans, Operation Surf aims for connection and healing in nature. Curriculum-based programs address post-traumatic stress disorder while allowing individuals suffering from limb loss to find strength, hope, and connection. Some programs are offered for veterans and their spouses.

Hanger Clinic

Hanger Clinic in Fresno provides amputee resources in California for limb loss support. Individuals can request peer visits on their site, join virtual spaces, and view their social media channel to hear stories and gain insight into functionality tools in everyday life. They sponsor boot camps and gatherings for athletes to interact and learn from people with similar abilities in a supportive setting.

Amputee Coalition

A national resource organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who suffer limb loss, Amputee Coalition provides online webinars, connects individuals with support groups, and provides a vast directory of amputee resources. Connect with the amputee support groups in California, sign up for their newsletter or THRIVE blog, or subscribe to the inMotion magazine. 

A list of amputee support groups in California is also provided here.

Rehabilitative programs

Considering the need for continued medical care after limb loss may be overwhelming. Receiving quality care can be costly, and Ernst Law Group has proven case results demonstrating our willingness to fight for our clients. Each person deserves quality care and compensation to ensure that care can continue as needed. While providing physical rehabilitative services, these organizations connect limb loss sufferers with amputee support groups to provide for emotional well-being.

Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

Besides teaching rehabilitative skills, social work and case management employees connect limb loss patients with local amputee support groups and amputee resources in California. Emotional, physical, social, and everyday challenges are addressed.

California Rehabilitation Institute

Individualized care plans address limb care and offer therapy for mobility, pain management,  peer monitoring, and support groups. The goal is to focus on helping individuals reenter home life, work, and the community by successfully moving forward in life.

Sutter Rehabilitation Institute

This rehabilitative institute is an Accredited Amputation Specialty Program in Northern California. Services prepare the way for individuals to enter back into their homes successfully while connecting them with community amputee resources.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services

Veterans make many sacrifices and deserve quality care. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides an amputation specialty clinic team to provide healthcare for veterans and amputee resources in California and connect military veterans with an amputee community nearby.

San Luis Obispo catastrophic injury attorneys caring for community

Ernst Law Group strives to care for the community we serve. If you have suffered limb loss and are unsure where to get help, schedule a free consultation online or call (805) 541-0300. Time limits apply to file a claim, and recovery often depends on an individual’s compensation to provide quality care.