In the state of California, a drowning accident in an unsecured swimming pool is grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. People whose family members, particularly children, have died on someone else’s property because of a swimming pool that is not adequately secured have a legal right to seek compensation.

Homes in San Luis Obispo have swimming pools. While not every home has a pool, it’s not unusual to see them dotting backyards. Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat in the summer time, but they also pose an incredible danger. It is estimated that more children die in drowning accidents than in any other way.

Any person who has a swimming pool has a responsibility to ensure that it is secured adequately. This means a four-sided fence with a latching and locking gate. The fence should be designed in such a way that it is difficult for small children to climb. Parents with pools in their backyard are also encouraged to place audible alarms on doors and windows to the home. These alarms can alert parents if their children sneak outside while they are being unsupervised.

No property owner wants to witness an accident in their own pool, but those accidents do occur. When a person drowns or is otherwise injured in a pool because it was too easily accessible, the property owner may be forced to pay  for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit.