In the city of San Luis Obispo, workers’ compensation is available to any employee who is injured on the job. Each state has enacted workers’ compensation acts of their own. These state statutes establish the liability of companies and businesses for any injuries that workers sustain while performing their duties or become ill due to the nature of their employment.

Instead of being based upon the negligence of an employer, workers compensation is liability for medical coverage, costs associated with rehabilitation or retraining, a percentage of lost wages, and payments for injuries that are determined to be permanent.

Specific information regarding the Workers’ Compensation Act of California, or Title 8, can be found here. Briefly, the Act dictates how injured workers must file for compensation, how employers must respond, and how coverage is provided. Any worker who is injured on the job in California is entitled to different forms of compensation depending on the unique situation. For example, a worker who suffers a minor injury may have their medical bills covered or provided care at a direct cost to their employer. A worker who is severely injured may receive permanent disability benefits if they have exhausted treatments and are still suffering with an injury or condition that will not be resolved.

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