What Is MMI?

In the city of San Luis Obispo, MMI — or maximum medical improvement — typically means that recovery from an injury is “as good as it is going to get.” In other words, a victim should not expect to improve from their injuries any further.

After an accident that results in injury, a victim may choose to undergo medical treatment. At some point during treatment, a doctor will inform the victim that they have achieved MMI. Once a doctor makes this determination, they are telling the patient that nothing further can be done medically to help improve the condition or injury. MMI may be determined even if the victim has not fully recovered from their injury.

MMI is especially important from a legal standpoint in worker’s compensation cases. Once a patient reaches MMI, a doctor will give them a disability rating. Based upon this rating, a doctor will inform the patient or their employer what type of work may be performed or what type of restrictions are in place. The disability rating is not only important for work restrictions but to the negotiations of settlements.

If a victim’s condition worsens after reaching MMI, they should return to their doctor. If the patient is not happy with their doctor’s diagnosis or treatment, a second opinion is warranted. If the victim is involved in a worker’s compensation or other type of personal injury case, they should speak with their attorney before taking any steps that could affect the outcome of their case.