In the city of San Luis Obispo, a truck accident may be caused by an unbalanced load. Improper loading of a truck’s cargo can place more weight on one side or end of the truck. This can make the truck difficult to maneuver around bends and corners, and it can make the truck more difficult to drive in high winds.

When a driver is inexperienced or in a hurry, that driver may not take the time to make sure that the weight of their cargo is loaded in the trailer in such a way that weight is evenly distributed along all sides of the trailer. This can cause excess weight on one side of the trailer to cause the truck to jackknife or be difficult to maneuver. It can also cause weight to shift unexpectedly, further making it difficult to control the truck.

When cargo is not loaded properly or a driver is inexperienced, it could be a vehicle driver who is ultimately affected. Accidents with semi-trucks can be especially devastating to smaller passenger vehicles due to the power behind the truck. A victim in a truck accident can suffer with serious injury and thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

Any person involved in a truck accident should contact an experienced truck accident attorney for assistance in determining all legal options currently available. A victim may be able to receive damages for medical bills, lost wages due to time off work, car repair bills and more.