Truck Accident – Texting And Driving

In the city of San Luis Obispo, a truck accident caused by texting and driving is considered especially serious. This type of accident is entirely preventable and can cause horrible injuries and even death. Because of the dangers that texting and driving poses, state lawmakers have enacted legislation to prohibit the activity.

There are two distinct laws that pertain to texting and driving. The first is a ban on the use of a cell phone while driving. The second explicitly bans texting while behind the wheel. Drivers in the state of California may not use a handheld device behind the wheel. They may, however, use their phone to speak to others as long as they are using Bluetooth or a listening device that does not cover both ears. Additionally, the law says that drivers may not read, type, or transmit texts while they are driving.

There are exceptions to the first law. A person may use their cell phone even if they are driving if they need to do so to call emergency services. It should be understood that the ban on texting and driving is a primary offense. In some states, it is a secondary offense and cannot be charged unless there is another violation. In California, a driver can be pulled over and cited if an officer notices them to be texting or otherwise using their cell phone behind the wheel. When a person is charged with texting and driving, they can expect their fines to be doubled if they are convicted of also using a cell phone while driving. There are also other consequences semi truck drivers could face, such as being suspended.