In the city of San Luis Obispo, a truck accident may be caused by drowsy driving on the part of the truck’s operator. These accidents can cause catastrophic injury and damage due to the sheer power and weight of a semi truck.

Drowsy driving is growing in the state of California and across America as a whole. People are sleeping less and commuting more, making driving while drowsy a very real possibility. Truckers typically spend long hours on the road, feeling pressure to get to their destination as quickly as possible. These men and women may choose to “push through” the feeling of being tired instead of pulling over and resting.

Studies have shown that driving while drowsy is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Being sleepy behind the wheel can dull reaction times and impact a person’s ability to make decisions. People who are drowsy also risk falling asleep behind the wheel, possibly causing accidents that involve not only themselves, but others.

Anyone who feels as though they may have not gotten enough sleep, are taking prescription or over-the-counter medications or otherwise lack the alertness necessary to safely operate a vehicle are urged to stay off the road. People may be in a hurry to get where they need to be, but they should stop to consider the possibility of not making it at all should they be involved in an accident.

Persons injured in a truck accident caused by drowsy driving may have the legal elements necessary for a successful civil lawsuit. An experienced accident attorney can help a victim determine if they have the legal grounds needed to sue for compensation.