In the city of San Luis Obispo, a product recall may occur due to a design defect or any number of other issues. For example, in recent news, hoverboard and cell phone batteries have been known to overheat and start fires. This is a defect in the design of the product. Manufacturers may choose to offer refunds, repairs or replacements when these types of defects have been reported.

In some cases, design defects result in property damage. In other cases, the defects in the design of a product caused that product to malfunction in such a way that a consumer is injured. When injuries occur due to a defective product, the consumer may be legally able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product and seek compensation for any monies paid out for medical bills, lost wages and more. Manufacturers of products have what is called “strict liability.” That is, a manufacturer has a duty to provide a safe product and to warn the public about potential risks and hazards associated with that product.

In order to have a successful product injury lawsuit, a plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant was negligent. In other words, that the manufacturer failed to design, manufacture or test their product in such a way that it was safe for purchase by a consumer. An attorney experienced in product defect law understands the elements that must be present in order for a plaintiff to receive an award and can help consumers determine whether or not they have the legal grounds necessary for a successful lawsuit.