Product Recall – Breach Of Express Or Implied Warranty

In the city of San Luis Obispo, consumers are protected when they purchase goods. A product recall may be issued due to a breach of express or implied warranty. When this happens, consumers are typically offered refunds, replacements, or repairs. When one of these products causes injury, the victim has the legal right to file a personal injury lawsuit in a court of law.

When a product is manufactured, it is released to the public with a warranty. That warranty may be express or implied. For example, a vacuum cleaner may be sold with an express warranty for a year after the date of manufacture or purchase. If the product fails to work as designed or breaks during normal use, the consumer is protected against financial loss.

Other products are sold with implied warranties. For example, when you purchase a computer or tablet, it is implied that it will connect to the Internet. When it fails to do so because of a design defect, it is not ready for sale, and the consumer is protected.

At times, these design or manufacturing defects cause a product to fail in such a way that the consumer is injured. When this breach of warranty occurs, the victim has the right to sue the manufacturer for damages. In other words, the victim can file a lawsuit seeking damages for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

If a person is injured by a product they have purchased or been gifted, an attorney experienced in product liability law can offer assistance in determining the best course of action for that victim.