In the city of San Luis Obispo, complex post traumatic stress disorder may follow an accident or injury. Post traumatic stress disorder may bring with it other symptoms, such as changes in self-esteem and the way that a person adapts to stressful events. Due to these symptoms that are experienced alongside the symptoms typically associated with PTSD, medical professionals have called this type of mental condition complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Symptoms of complex PTSD may include:

  • Emotional regulation difficulties. People may experience persistent sadness or anger. They may have suicidal thoughts or explode in rage.
  • Consciousness. People may forget traumatic events or relive those events persistently. They may experience periods of mental or physical dissociation.
  • Helplessness, stigma, shame and a feeling of being different than everyone else.
  • Preoccupation with the perpetrator or being consumed with the desire for revenge.
  • An inability to connect with others, feelings of isolation or a continued search for a rescuer.
  • A sense of hopelessness or despair.

Treatment for complex post traumatic stress disorder may include traditional therapies. It may also include therapies that address the specific symptoms experienced by the patient. People who believe they may be suffering with complex PTSD should consult with a licensed mental health professional for assistance in dealing with their symptoms.

When complex post traumatic stress disorder is the result of an accident and ongoing therapies are required, the person who was found to be at fault in the accident may be legally liable to compensate the victim for medical costs and more. An experienced attorney can offer more information.