Brain Laceration

In the city of San Luis Obispo, an accident may lead to a brain laceration or a type of traumatic brain injury in which the tissues of the brain are torn. A brain laceration is similar to a brain contusion, but in a laceration, the pia-arachnoid membranes are torn. Lacerations require significant physical force to occur.

A brain laceration is normally accompanied by another injury. For example, doctors may find skull fractures in the same area as the laceration. These types of injuries are most common when the skull is penetrated, but can also be caused when brain tissues are stretched.

Persons who suffer a brain laceration typically have a poor prognosis, particularly when there are large amounts of blood visible on a CT scan. Complications associated with the injury are not dependent on the specific location of the laceration. People may suffer brain lacerations in a catastrophic accident such as a vehicle crash or a vehicle crash involving a bicycle or pedestrian. It is extremely rare for a brain laceration to be caused by a minor incident.

When such injuries are present or such injuries result in death, the party found to be negligent or at fault in the accident that caused the injuries may be held legally liable to compensate the victim or their family. Any person who has suffered such a serious injury, or the family of a person who has passed away due to a brain laceration sustained in an accident, should consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury or wrongful death law.